Getting Beyond "Designed by Developer"

6acfa028ae651a89e151698b832ae983?s=47 Michael Boeke
November 07, 2013

Getting Beyond "Designed by Developer"

This is the deck from a presentation to the 1871 Hackers meetup at 1871 Chicago on November 7, 2013. This was the description:

The term “designed-by-developer” gets thrown around to criticize web and mobile apps with poorly designed user interfaces. It’s unfair to point the finger at developers without explaining what the term means...and it’s generally unproductive to call people names. So, in the spirit of cooperation between developers and designers, this session will explore what the term really means (hint: designed-by-developer != bad design).

Michael will present real world examples, and suggest some better approaches. Additionally, he’ll offer some simple things developers can do to improve the user interfaces they build. Hopefully, everyone will walk out with an idea of how to create more intuitive and enjoyable user experiences. If we’re lucky, we’ll even heal some old wounds between developers and designers. Hugs optional.


Michael Boeke

November 07, 2013