One Microservice Is No Microservice: They Come in Systems [CON6471]

0fb625aef5a5feebdc02614a92e3af5e?s=47 Markus Eisele
September 21, 2016

One Microservice Is No Microservice: They Come in Systems [CON6471]

My JavaOne 2016 presentation:

"Building a complete system out of individual microservices is hard. Microservices-based architecture is gaining attention, but there are trade-offs and drawbacks. Individual microservices are fairly easy to understand and implement, but they make sense only as systems; it’s between services that the most-challenging problems arise—in distributed systems. Slicing a system into REST services and wiring them back together with synchronous protocols and traditional enterprise tools means failure. This session distills the essence of microservices-based systems and covers a new development approach to microservices that gets you started quickly with a guided, minimalistic approach on your machine and takes you to a productive scaled-out microservices-based on the Oracle Cloud system with hundreds of services."


Markus Eisele

September 21, 2016