Stay Productive While Slicing Up the Monolith [CON6472]

0fb625aef5a5feebdc02614a92e3af5e?s=47 Markus Eisele
September 20, 2016

Stay Productive While Slicing Up the Monolith [CON6472]

With microservices-based architectures, developers are left alone with provisioning and continuous delivery systems, containers and resource schedulers, frameworks and patterns to slice monoliths. How to efficiently develop them without having to provision complete production-like environments locally by hand? How to run microservices-based systems on local development machines, managing provisioning and orchestration of hundreds of services from a command-line tool without sacrificing productivity enablers. New buzzwords, frameworks, and hyped tools have made Java developers forget what it means to be productive. This session shows how much fun it can be to develop large-scale microservices-based systems. Understand the power of a fully integrated microservices development environment.


Markus Eisele

September 20, 2016