Erpnext Open Day Presentation - December 2012

2fc0fce17a01c1fe3726b389ce1775ac?s=47 Nabin Hait
December 31, 2012

Erpnext Open Day Presentation - December 2012

On Open Day, all team members present what they did in the month out of their own initiative. What features did they make or what documentation they wrote, or test cases, or a new product, or a new marketing initiative. It could be anything that adds value to ERPNext.

All the Open Day presentations are made public on the erpnext blog.

This also means Open Sourcing our management. So look forward to our presentations at the end of the month and follow us to understand how this experiment is working out for us.


Nabin Hait

December 31, 2012


  1. Nabin Hait Open Day December 2012

  2. Pair-programming ++ -- Usability Redundancy Coding Standard Bugs Completeness Execution

  3. Major Releases Production module - Usability improvement - Bom replace

    tool Reports - Stock balance: opening, inward, outward & closing - Stock level: actual, planned, requested, ordered & reserved qty
  4. Minor Fixes Gl entry - floating point issue Rejected serial

    no in purchase receipt Employee leave balance report Recalculation of delivery/billing percentage Dynamic query & validation for root in sales browser Sales and purchase register
  5. Bye Bye 2012... Countless bugs fixed Usability improved Few new

    features launched Coding quality improved Online visibility Open source community
  6. We are growing... Slow but steady......

  7. Welcome 2013... More new features Robust existing system Painless releases

    Aggressive marketing - via google ads, blogs, newspaper Support - reduce response time, videos, faqs & inline help
  8. Thank You ! Happy New Year’ 2013