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International Space Apps Challenge 2015 Mission Report Infographic

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September 10, 2015

International Space Apps Challenge 2015 Mission Report Infographic



September 10, 2015



    COUNTRIES WITH 1,338 VIRTUAL PARTICIPANTS TOTAL OF 13,699 PARTICIPANTS WORLDWIDE Cady Coleman Charlie Camarda Richard Garriot Luca Parmitano Ron Garan Livestreaming over 3 days in 22+ cities, with 11,339 viewers tuning into the streams. Data Bootcamp events New York City, Cairo, Lago (with Rome and El Salvador participating virtually) OUTER SPACE 200 SOLUTIONS TOP: Happy Moments from Space / 32 projects HUMANS 245 SOLUTIONS Space GloVe: Spacecraft Gesture and Voice Commanding / 48 projects ROBOTICS 161 SOLUTIONS ZERO GEE Bee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone / 61 projects EARTH 262 SOLUTIONS Crop Alert: Learning from the Growers / 66 projects Challenge Solutions by Mission Category Northernmost event: MIKKELI, FINLAND Southernmost event: ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA Westernmost event: SAN FRANCISCO, USA Easternmost event: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Highest altitude event: LA PAZ, BOLIVIA Women in Data • 1 in 4 participants were women. • 47% of top global award finalists had at least one woman on the project team. • Largest event (Cairo) led by women. • 49% of participants at the NYC mainstage were women. of the 2015 cities have hosted a Space Apps event before Number of #SpaceApps Tweets during event weekend 30,855,000 Number of votes for People’s Choice 156,007 78 Media Stories SPACE APPS IS A NASA INCUBATOR INNOVATION PROGRAM SPACEAPPSCHALLENGE.ORG Samantha Cristoforetti Largest events and number of participants Cairo 707 Dhaka 454 New York 409 Rome 299 Santiago 267 Lima 250 New Delhi 227 Istanbul 208 Hyderabad 202 Sold out events BURGOS, CAIRO, NEW YORK, LONDON, KATHMANDU, FRANKFURT, TORONTO, NEW DELHI, DHAKA Countries with highest concentration of events US (26), MEXICO AND JAPAN (5) Locations with companion youth events MONTREAL, TOKYO, SKOPJE, TORONTO, NYC, LAGOS, CALABAR, MONT-DE-MARSAN, VIENNA Participants' self-identified skills breakdown Events that produced the most solutions SUPPORTED BY 6 ASTRONAUTS VIRTUAL 120 PROJECTS CAIRO 46 PROJECTS NEW YORK 28 PROJECTS ROME 24 PROJECTS