Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck @Agile Roots2014

Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck @Agile Roots2014

Agile Roots 2014


Naoto Nishimura

July 15, 2014


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    Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck

    Naoto Nishimura @nawoto @Agile Roots 2014 ੢ ଜ ௚ ਓ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    ੢ଜ௚ਓ Naoto Nishimura "Agile" Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Programmer with 10+

    years of experience. εΫϥϜಓ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    Do you know Lean Canvas? A Practice to Verify your

    idea, business model and your product 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    form your hypothesis Step 1 Who are early adapters? What

    problems does it solve? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    Lean Canvas helps us to find a valid goal and

    to understand the product 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    We've found a valid goal. Is it enough to our

    success? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    ,,,, ,, Agile Inception Deck is a practice to align

    what we expect for the project with what we can really do. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    Sprint 0 Sprint Release Sprint When should we do? Agile

    Inception Deck At the project inception 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    OK. I've got it. But... How many & how much?

    What kind? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    “We've got It!!” She understands differently... He just doesn't understand...

    He is afraid of something... But... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    WWhhyy wwee aarree hheerree?? About the goal of the project

    and the rationale. Mission 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    NNOOTT lliisstt ((NNoott ttoo DDoo LLiisstt)) About what is in

    and what is out of scope. Scope 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    TThhee ffiirrsstt rreelleeaassee About when you are done and how

    much it costs. The most important 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    The Point is We know we all agree: what it's

    going to take and how much it's going to cost. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    ,, ,,,, The assumption of consensus where none exists is

    what kills most projects. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    Communication Share and discuss your fears and vague expectations with

    others. in 90min ΨϠΨϠ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    It was too late to discuss such important things in

    the middle of the project... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    What leads an Agile Project into success? Always worry... Agile

    Team however only by a good 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
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    Agile Team should learn various things before starting the project

    by iterative learning 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔