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Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck @Agile Roots2014

Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck @Agile Roots2014

Agile Roots 2014

Naoto Nishimura

July 15, 2014

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  1. Bootstrap an Agile Project with Lean Canvas and Inception Deck

    Naoto Nishimura @nawoto @Agile Roots 2014 ੢ ଜ ௚ ਓ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  2. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  3. ੢ଜ௚ਓ Naoto Nishimura "Agile" Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Programmer with 10+

    years of experience. http://nawo.to εΫϥϜಓ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  4. Tao of Scrum 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  5. My Books 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  6. What leads an Agile Project into a success? Always worried...

  7. Bootstrap 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  8. A lot of things happen before a project begins 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  9. Awesome Product? Many Stakeholders, Many Opinions 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  10. Wrong Way 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  11. tight FIXED schedule? Team with little motivation 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  12. Flickr: redjar Things are not in clear view 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  13. Two Practices Lean Canvas Inception Deck ©Jonathan Rasmusson 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  14. Two Practices Lean Canvas Inception Deck ©Jonathan Rasmusson valid goal

    clear important things 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  15. Why do we use these two practices? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  16. Lean Canvas Inception Deck Lightweight Communication 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  17. Do you know Lean Canvas? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  18. Do you know Lean Canvas? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  19. Do you know Lean Canvas? A Practice to Verify your

    idea, business model and your product 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  20. Just fill in! •Problem •Customer Segments •Unique Value Proposition •Solution

    •Channels 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  21. Just fill in! •Revenue Streams •Cost Structure •Key Metrics •Unfair

    Advantage 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  22. How do we draw a canvas? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  23. form your hypothesis Step 1 Who are early adapters? What

    problems does it solve? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  24. Inspect Step 2 Let's ask your customers directly! 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  25. Step 3 Learn gottcha!! 合点 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  26. -FBSO )ZQPUIFTJT %SBX *OTQFDU 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  27. Goal Have you established your business plan? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  28. %SBXXJUI :PVS5FBN 10*/5 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  29. Rationale •easy to find mistakes •get to know your Customer

    better 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  30. Your Team understands why your product is needed 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  31. motivation drives performance 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  32. Do we need whole team? Core Members will do 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  33. Lean Canvas helps us to find a valid goal and

    to understand the product 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  34. We've found a valid goal. Is it enough to our

    success? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  35. Umh... A Project is not that easy 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  36. Do you know "Inception Deck"? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  37. Not Movie 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  38. ,,,, ,, Agile Inception Deck is a practice to align

    what we expect for the project with what we can really do. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  39. The Agile Samurai presented this practice. http://agilewarrior.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/ the-agile-inception-deck/ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  40. Sprint 0 Sprint Release Sprint When should we do? Agile

    Inception Deck At the project inception 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  41. Why do we do Inception Deck? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  42. Your Boss Go and buy flowers for our guest. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  43. OK. I've got it. But... How many & how much?

    What kind? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  44. Vague expectations of Flickr: redjar ✓Budget ✓Target ✓Implementation ✓Situation 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  45. Vague expectations make Flickr: redjar ✓tasks difficult ✓everybody misunderstands one

    another 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  46. In a real project... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  47. “I want this feature!!” “We've got It!!” 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  48. “We've got It!!” She understands differently... He just doesn't understand...

    He is afraid of something... But... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  49. Expectations? Realizable? Product Owner Team Alignment 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  50. Don't go into dense fog. Flickr: redjar 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  51. We can make it clear! 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  52. How do we make it clear by Inception Deck? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  53. 11 questions of Inception Deck can clear the way. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  54. Agile Team answers each question. ©KAME 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  55. Agile Team discusses using 11 Q's, and agree. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  56. Bring them all together 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  57. What is important to the success of an Agile Project?

  58. Value Customer User 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  59. EElleevvaattoorr ppiittcchh About your customer’s business goal. Goal Business 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  60. PPrroodduucctt bbooxx About users’ values of the product. Goal Product

  61. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  62. Lean Canvas answers theses questions. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  63. Other questions? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  64. Expectations? Realizable? What How 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  65. What the project s" " of 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  66. WWhhyy wwee aarree hheerree?? About the goal of the project

    and the rationale. Mission 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  67. NNOOTT lliisstt ((NNoott ttoo DDoo LLiisstt)) About what is in

    and what is out of scope. Scope 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  68. YYoouurr pprroojjeecctt ccoommmmuunniittyy Who are stakeholders? Whom does the team

    work with? Project community 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

    HPJOHUP UBLF 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  70. TTeecchhnniiccaall ssoolluuttiioonnss About what technologies to build with Architecture 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  71. WWhhaatt kkeeeeppss uuss uupp aatt nniigghhtt Worst nightmares? Risks 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  72. HHooww bbiigg iiss tthhiiss?? About rough dates. Schedule 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  73. TTrraaddee--ooffff sslliiddeerrss About trade-offs and how we discuss with stakeholders.

    QCD Scope Give something up. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  74. TThhee AA--TTeeaamm About necessary skills, roles and who decides. Manning

  75. TThhee ffiirrsstt rreelleeaassee About when you are done and how

    much it costs. The most important 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  76. The Point is We know we all agree: what it's

    going to take and how much it's going to cost. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  77. ,, ,,,, The assumption of consensus where none exists is

    what kills most projects. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  78. Just a piece of cake? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  79. Step by step 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔


  81. Preparation Someone can work out a tentative plan. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  82. Communication Share and discuss your fears and vague expectations with

    others. in 90min ΨϠΨϠ 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  83. .JTTJPO *NQPTTJCMF  14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  84. Tough questions are important 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  85. If you can’t ask tough questions... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  86. It was too late to discuss such important things in

    the middle of the project... 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  87. The Point is A good facilitator would help! 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  88. Agreement 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  89. Can we keep promises? 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  90. Transparency On the wall!! 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  91. Inception Deck is a lightweight workshop to help people aligned.

  92. clear Important things before starting the project 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  93. What leads an Agile Project into a success? Always worried...

  94. Bootstrap 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  95. by these two practices Lean Canvas Inception Deck 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  96. What leads an Agile Project into success? Always worry... Agile

    Team however only by a good 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  97. A Good Agile Team does not exist before starting the

    project. 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  98. Agile Team will get better gradually by iterative learning 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  99. Agile Team should learn various things before starting the project

    by iterative learning 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔
  100. Let's build a good Agile Team! 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔

  101. May the Force be with you 14೥7݄15೔Ր༵೔