Running your Laravel project on AWS Lambda

Running your Laravel project on AWS Lambda

Ever find yourself deploying your Laravel app to your EC2 boxes and wondering if you’re using your resources wisely? You’re almost certainly paying for CPU time you’re not using, and scaling PHP applications on AWS can be tricky.

Wouldn’t it be great to pay only for the resources you actually use, and if your site could scale instantly without needing to configure auto-scaling-groups, alarms, and rules? AWS Lambda gives us these features but doesn't natively support PHP.

Until now making PHP run on AWS Lambda has required a lot of hacks and workarounds. However, evolving tools such as have fixed a lot of the pain for you.

In this session we’ll walk through the steps required to set up a real Laravel website running on Lambda, served over HTTPS, and all without launching a single EC2 instance or ELB.

Finally we'll look at some of the other possibilities and considerations that are now open to us as PHP engineers in a serverless world.



June 11, 2019