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Sharding and Scaling Your Database

by Neha

Published May 1, 2013 in Programming

Determining a data storage solution as your web application scales can be the most difficult part of web development, and takes time away from developing application features. MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, Riak, Cassandra, Voldemort, NoSQL, MySQL, NewSQL — the options are overwhelming, and all claim to be elastic, fault-tolerant, durable, and give great performance for both reads and writes. This talk will describe these different storage solutions and explain what is really important when choosing a datastore — your application data schema and feature requirements. You’ll learn how to think about scaling, consistency, sharding, and fault-tolerance, and most importantly, you’ll be able to start building your web application with confidence knowing that you can scale when the time comes.

Presented at Future Insights Live, Las Vegas, NV