Service Backplanes for the Modern Data Center

Service Backplanes for the Modern Data Center

Modern data centers and clouds allow cluster resources to be mapped to applications dynamically, which can dramatically improve utilization and deployment agility. However, deploying off-the-shelf software in this environment is not easy: devops staff typically need to write "backplanes" to deploy, manage, and upgrade each software package that is deployed at scale. Despite their ad-hoc nature, these backplanes quickly grow in complexity and importance: a bug in the application backplane often means a production outage.

What is needed is a consistent framework for designing "backplanes": controllers that mediate between cluster resource APIs and server software. Backplanes capture much of the operational complexity of running a software package in production, allowing off-the-shelf software to be turned into an elastic service. In this talk, we motivate the need for service backplanes, discuss the functionality that belongs in a backplane, and consider how backplanes should be built, using Apache Mesos as an example.


Neil Conway

May 26, 2016