Create a Resonant, Remarkable & Sustainable Brand

Create a Resonant, Remarkable & Sustainable Brand

Learn how to craft a brand identity system that captivates your clients, and brings beauty and harmony into your marketing.

Together, we’ll examine the elements that make up a unique brand, and explore how you can identify your own, so that you can create a brand that’s easy to maintain and that grows with you.

We’ll cover:
- How having a powerful brand can help you improve your sales and marketing
- A step-by-step approach to discovering a brand that’s aligned with your inner nature
- How to systematize your brand using a brand style guide
- How to know when is the right time to hire a professional designer


Nela Dunato

July 24, 2018


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    Brand strategy 1. Conscious approach to creating and maintaining your

    brand. 2. The document outlining key aspects of your brand.
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    Visual brand identity Consists of all the graphic assets that

    are used in a specific way (logo variations, colors, fonts, patterns...) All of these are documented in the brand style guide.
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    Branding 1. The process of creating and managing a brand.

    2. A synonym for brand strategy and/or brand identity.
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    LOGO VISUAL IDENTITY BRAND Values Mission Vision Customer Experience Brand

    Voice Unique Value Proposition Brand Persona Colors Typography Packaging Illustration Photos Ideal Client Avatar
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    Why consistency matters • Consistency improves your clients’ memory •

    What is familiar is perceived as more beautiful • Systems create ease & save time • Consistency is a sign of professionalism • Predictability makes people feel safer
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    Brand style guide The document that contains all the elements

    and assets of your visual brand identity.
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    Hire a designer if you... • Have a working business

    model • Know in general who your clients are • Have the budget to invest in professional services