Beyond TDD - Enabling Your Team to Continuously Deliver Software

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November 14, 2012

Beyond TDD - Enabling Your Team to Continuously Deliver Software

Many project teams have adopted unit testing as a necessary step in their development process. Many more use a test-first approach to keep their code lean. Yet, far too often these teams still suffer from many of the same impediments: recurrent integration failures with other enterprise projects, slow feedback with the customer, and sluggish release cycles. With a languishing feedback loop, the enterprise continues to put increasing pressure on development teams to deliver. How does an aspiring agile team improve to meet the demands of the enterprise?

Continuous integration is the next logical step for the team. In this talk, you’ll learn how continuous integration solves intra and inter-project integration issues without manual overhead, the value added by continuous integration, and how to leverage tools and processes to further improve the quality of your code. Finally, we discuss the gold standard of agile teams: continuous deployment. You’ll learn how continuous deployment helps close the feedback loop with your customers, increases visibility for your team, and standardizes the deployment process.



November 14, 2012