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Continuous Deployment to Build Trust

Continuous Deployment to Build Trust


May 17, 2013

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  1. Chris Weldon  Senior Consultant  Microsoft MVP  Slings

    Code in C# and PHP  Systems Administrator devops  [email protected]  @neraath
  2. As a conference presenter, I would like a web site

    with upcoming conferences, so I can stay in-the-know on the conference circuit.
  3. As a conference presenter, I would like to see a

    list of upcoming conferences, so that I know what to submit presentations for.
  4. As a conference organizer, I would like conferences I create

    to persist beyond my session so that other users can see upcoming conferences.
  5. Scenario: Multiple web applications  CritterMatch.com  Developer Workstations 

    Integration/QA  Staging  Production  CritterMatch Business Services  Developer Workstations  Integration/QA  Production – Client A  Production – Client B
  6. Configuration Management  Configurations likely to change:  Database Connection

    Strings  Web Service Connection Endpoints  Authorized Users?  Requirements Management  Different views or behaviors  Dependency Injection?  Often times a configuration change, too.
  7. Q&A