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GitHub and Azure: Demystified

GitHub and Azure: Demystified

Learn how to Deploy applications to Azure from your Github Repositories.

Obinna Odirionye

June 09, 2018

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  1. Coughs, Wakanda guy is that? • Student Partner @ Microsoft

    • Expert @ Github(now acquired by MSFT) • Campus Ambassador @ Ingressive • DevOps Engineer • Webpack & Ionic Framework Advocate. • Mishai & Foodie Advocate
  2. Sigh, How can i reach this man? Hahaha, I am

    always around on • Facebook: Obinna Odirionye • Twitter: _nerdeveloper • Github: nerdeveloper What is this Social media thing??
  3. • What is Azure? • What can I do with

    azure? • What’s the relevance of Github and Azure? • Continuous Deployment (CD)? {Live sessions}
  4. MSFT AZURE What is Azure? A Cloud Computing service for

    building, testing, deploying and managing apps and services through a managed data centers. Sourced from: Wikipedia
  5. Whats the relevance of Github and Azure? Continuous Delivery Continuous

    Deployment Team Collaboration Continuous Integration
  6. Create an Account on Azure(#3 Steps) Head over to :

    https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us /free/ Register Yayyy. You have an Account!!!