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Rethinking Serverless Containers

Rethinking Serverless Containers

The pain of writing serverless functions, paying for resources that are not In use, and runtime unavailability can be a developer’s nightmare. With Serverless containers, You can run any programming language of your choice, pay for resources used, and focus on the business logic of your app.

Serverless Containers are the game changers we have been waiting for. So come and join me in this talk as I demystify Serverless Containers.

Obinna Odirionye

March 25, 2022

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  1. Hey! I’m Obinna Odirionye. - Kubernetes Engineer, Kubermatic. - Member

    and Maintainer, CNCF Helm ChartMuseum. - Minimalist @odirionyeo
  2. Open Source Festival 2022 What is Serverless “Serverless doesn't mean

    there’s no servers, it means we think about Servers less” Scott Hanselman tweet:
  3. What Serverless Offers • Pay for what you use -

    Compute • No server management is required • Inherently Scalable • Quick and Fast deployments It’s Goodness!
  4. Cons of Serverless • Not built for long running processes

    - It’s gets better • Performance issue • Vendor lock-in is a Risk • Hard to debug Ugh! Bad side
  5. Open Source Festival 2022 Serverless Functions Make a twitter Bot,

    Build a RESTful API endpoints, Make an S3 file replicator and many more… Examples
  6. Open Source Festival 2022 Serverless Containers “Serverless has evolved beyond

    FAAS and functions are an implementation detail.” Kelsey Hightower tweet:
  7. Serverless Containers In August 15, 2018, Google Cloud released Cloud

    Run - Alpha Release. The goal was to bring the best parts of Serverless and Containers together. The cons of serverless functions were solved in Serverless Containers.
  8. Serverless Containers • Openness to business Logic • Split Traffic.

    Canary Deployment! • No Vendor Lock-in • OMG! No, You don’t need to know Kubernetes! • Bring your own runtime, Use any language of your choice The Good Parts
  9. Open Source Festival 2022 The Future of Serverless “We need

    to adopt Serverless Containers as the benefits are enormous. We are not there yet but on the way. Rethinking the way we deploy apps with Serverless is happening and we just scratched the surface.”