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Art in the Fourth Dimension: Performance & the Body

February 16, 2012

Art in the Fourth Dimension: Performance & the Body

Lecture given February 16, 2012


February 16, 2012

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  1. Art  in  the  Fourth  Dimension:   Performance  &  The  Body

      Reading:   Ar,orms,420-­‐421.     Terms/Concepts:   ritual,  social  sculpture,  in   the  moment,   performance,  “living   sculpture”  
  2. Performance   Film/Video   Digital  

  3. What  is  Performance?   Incorporates  elements  of…    Theater  

     Dance    Music    Ritual   Media  of  Performance:    Time    MoLon  &  AcLon    Voice  &  Sound    The  ArLst’s  Body    The  Environment    The  Audience   Ar,orms:  DramaLc  presentaLon  by  visual  arLsts  (as   disLnguished  from  theater  arLsts  such  as  actors  and  dancers)   in  front  of  an  audience,  usually  not  in  a  formal  seSng.  
  4. What  is  Performance?   Incorporates  elements  of…    Theater  

     Dance    Music    Ritual   Media  of  Performance:    Time    MoLon  &  AcLon    Voice  &  Sound    The  ArLst’s  Body    The  Environment    The  Audience   CreaLon  of  an  artwork  using  the  arLst’s  body  and  extensions   of  that  body  (Lme,  moLon,  acLon,  sound,  etc.)  that  only   exists  in  real  Lme  and  space  among  spectators/parLcipants.  
  5.    Ritual  &  Worship   Masquerade,  Bwa  IniLaLon  Ceremony,  Burkina

     Fasso,  1984  
  6. Art  as  PracLce   Karensanui,  Ryoan-­‐ji,  17th  century-­‐Present    

     Ritual  &  Worship  
  7. Dada   Hugo  Ball,  Karawane  (Caravan),  1916.  

  8. Performance   Oskar  Schlemmer,  Triadic  Ballet,  Berlin,  1926.  

  9. Yves  Klein,  Anthropometries  of  the  Blue  Period  (“Live  PainLng”/  “Living

      Sculpture”,    Galerie  InternaLonale  d’Art  Contemporain,  Paris,  March  9,   1960.   “tear  down  the  temple  veil  of  the   studio…to  keep  nothing  of  my  process   hidden.”  
  10. Yves  Klein,  Anthropometries  of  the  Blue  Period  (“Live   PainLng”/

     “Living  Sculpture,  Paris,  March  9,  1960.  
  11. Yves  Klein,  Anthropometries  of  the  Blue  Period  (“Live  PainLng”/  “Living

      Sculpture”,    Galerie  InternaLonale  d’Art  Contemporain,  Paris,  March  9,   1960.   “They  became  living  brushes…at  my   direcLon  the  flesh  itself  applied   color  to  the  surface  and  the  perfect   exactness.”  
  12. Yves  Klein,  Anthropometries  of  the  Blue  Period  (“Live  PainLng”/  “Living

      Sculpture”,    Galerie  InternaLonale  d’Art  Contemporain,  Paris,  March  9,   1960.  
  13. “The  work  finished  itself  in  front  of  me    with

      the  complete  collaboraLon  of  the  model.    An   I  could  salute  its  birth  into  the  tangible  world   in  a  fiSng  manner,  in  evening  dress.”   Yves  Klein,  Anthropometries  of  the  Blue  Period  (“Live  PainLng”/  “Living   Sculpture”,    Galerie  InternaLonale  d’Art  Contemporain,  Paris,  March  9,   1960.  
  14. Yoko  Ono,  Cut  Piece,  1965.   See  Video  Below  

  15. Joseph  Beuys,  How  to  explain  pictures  to  a  dead  hare,

      Galerie  Schmela,  Dusseldorf,  November  26,  1965.   “I  do  not  really  like  explaining  them  to   people…Even  in  death  a  hare  has  more   sensiLvity  and  insLncLve  understanding   than  some  men  with  their  stubborn   raLonality.”     Social  Sculpture  
  16. Joseph  Beuys,  Coyote:  I  like  America  and   America  likes

     me,  1974.   “I  wanted  to  concentrate  only  on  the  coyote.     I  wanted  to  isolate  myself,  insulate  myself,   see  nothing  of  America  other  than  the   coyote…and  exchanging  roles  with  it.”  
  17. Performance   Joseph  Beuys,  Coyote:    I  like  America  and

      America  likes  me,  1974.   “We  have  to  revoluLonize  human   thought.    First  of  all  revoluLon  take   place  within  man.    When  man  is  really  a   free,  creaLve  being  who  can  produce   something  new  and  original,  he  can   revoluLonize  Lme.”  
  18. Ana  Mendieta,  Serie   arbol  de  la  Vida,  1976  

    Ana  Mendieta,  Silueta,   1977.  
  19. Marina  Abramovic,  Rhythm  0,  1974.   See  Video  Below  

  20. Verena  Stenke  and  Andrea  Pagnes  (VestAndPage),   UnMtled,  2011.  

    See  Video  Below  
  21. Alexandra  Zierle  and  Paul  Carter,  Spillings,  2011.   See  Video