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Modern Abstraction: Fauvism, Expressionism, and Cubism

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April 25, 2013

Modern Abstraction: Fauvism, Expressionism, and Cubism



April 25, 2013


  1. Modern  Abstrac.on:     Fauvism,  Expressionism,  Cubism   Reading:  

    Ar,orms,  354-­‐364     Range:   1900-­‐1915   Fauvism,  Expressionism,  Cubism     Terms/Concepts:   Abstrac.on,  Modernism,  primi.vism,   Die  Brücke  (The  Bridge),  Der  Blaue   Reiter  (The  Blue  Rider),  spiritualism,   Arnold  Schoenberg,  Primi.vism,   Synthe.c  Cubism,  Analy.c  Cubism,   Papier  Colle,    Assemblage,     Key  Monuments:     21.2  Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur   de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),   1905-­‐1906.     21.4  Ernst  Ludwig  Kirchner,   Street,  Berlin,  1913.     21.7  Vassily  Kandinsky,   ComposiJon  IV,  1911.     21.8  Pablo  Picasso,  Les   Demoiselles  d’Avignon,  1907.     21.12  Georges  Braque,  Houses  at   l’Estaque,  1908.  
  2. Reminders…   Quiz  5  Due:  TODAY  Thursday  April  25th  

      Abstrac.on  Reac.on  Due:  Thursday  May  2nd     Responses  Due:  Thursday  May  9th     Final  Exam:  Thursday  May  16th  12:30-­‐2:30  PM     Study  Guide  is  now  available  on  Blackboard.  
  3. April  30—May  3rd  

  4. None
  5. Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night. 1889.

  6. “I  am  down  but  not  yet   vanquished.  Is  the

     Indian  who   smiles  under  torture   vanquished?  Empha.cally  the   savage  is  beber  than  we  are.   You  were  mistaken  in  saying   that  I  was  wrong  to  call  myself   a  savage.  This  is  nevertheless   true:  I  am  a  savage.  And   civilized  people  have  an  inkling   of  this,  for  in  my  works  there  is   nothing  that  surprises  or   upsets  if  it  is  not  this  “savage   in  spite  of  myself.”  This  is  why   it  is  inimitable.”  
  7. 40˚ 40˚ 50˚ Vienna Graz Budapest Szolnok Nagybánya (Baia Mare)

    Prague Cracow Brussels Darmstadt Ostend Newlyn St Nazaire Brighton Southampton Hvitträsk Kirkkonummi (Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen 1901-19) Kalela Ruovesi (Gallen-Kallela 1894-95) Tuomiokirkko Tampere (Sonck 1899-1907) Mikaelin Kirkko (Sonck 1900) Biology Museum (Lindegren 1893) Sundborn (C. & K. Larsson 1884-1912) Villa Stuck (1897-98) Elvira Studios (Endell) Haarlem Worpswede Bremen Skagen Paris Nantes Guise Fontainebleau Barbizon Lyon St Étienne San Sebastián Bilbao Oviedo Lisbon Geneva Barcelona Cape Trafalgar Oporto Le Havre Pont-Aven Nancy Antwerp Liège Cologne Amsterdam Rotterdam Scheveningen Walberswick Hamburg Hanover Copenhagen Malmö Christiania (Oslo) Bergen Stockholm Uppsala Helsingfors (Helsinki) Riga Åbo (Turku) Karelia St Petersburg Moscow Abramtsevo Tula Gorlovka Dresden Frankfurt Fürth Stuttgart Nuremberg Lódz Warsaw Munich Füssen Florence Verona Venice Trieste Milan Turin Genoa Rome Berlin Danzig Stettin Birmingham Wolverhampton Oxford Merton Abbey Manchester Edinburgh Newcastle (Tyne) Aberdeen Stockton Salts Mill (1853) Glasgow Kilmalcolm Clyde Dublin Liverpool Barrow-in-Furness Darlington London Compton Bristol Belfast ´ Clifton Suspension Bridge (Brunel 1829-54) Menai Road Bridge (Telford 1818-26) Forth Railway Bridge (Fowler, Baker 1881-90) Hack Kampmann Diplon (1892) Saltash, Royal Albert Bridge (Brunel 1859) Ponte Maria Pia (Eiffel 1877) Glasgow School of Art (Mackintosh) Postal Savings Bank (Lechner 1898-1901) Secession Building (Olbrich 1898) Central Hotel (Ohmann 1899-1901) Casa Castiglione (Sommaruga 1900-03) Sagrada Familia (Gaudí 1883-) Duero Tagus Ebro Rhône Po Loire S eine Rhine Elbe Vistula Oder Dnieper Dniester Danube D on A T L A N T I C O C E A N N O R T H S E A B L A C K S E A M E D I T E R R A N A D R I A T I C S E A BA LT I C S E A Mt Etna Mt Vesuvius SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS P Y R E N E E S A L P S CARPATH IA N M T S RÜGEN SICILY B A L E A R I C I S CORSICA SARDINIA UNITED KINGDOM F R A N C E S PA I N G E R M A N E M P I R E F I N L A N D DENMARK A U S T R O - H U N G A R I A N E M P I R E R U S S I A N E M P I R E SWITZERLAND SERBIA GREECE MONTENEGRO P O R T U G A L R O M ANIA O T T O M A N E M P I R E N O R W A Y S W E D E N (Friedrich, Runge) Oesterbrogade housing project (Boliger 1853-55) Grosset House (Kampff, Scherwinsky 1899) Eylau (Gros 1807) Crimea (Butler, Fenton 1854) Piedmont Alsace Lorraine (Rodin, Détaille 1870) Galeria (Mengoni 1865) Viaduc Garabit (Eiffel 1877) Santa Justa Lift (Eiffel 1898-1901) (Vulcanists, Neptunists, Girondet) (Turner, Ruskin, Hodler) (Turner, Benjamin West) 9 4 2 5 21 19 10 20 22 13 18 1215 30 23, 24 25 17 7 6 28 29 16 14 27 31 11 1 3 26 8 N 0 0 200 miles 300 kms 1 Europe 1800-1900 controlled directly from Paris, c. 1810 controlled by members of Napoleon’s family, c. 1810 other states dependent on Napoleonic empire, c. 1810 international borders, 1871 industrial area first railways artistic colony Romantic site battle zone industrial/utopian architecture shipyard bridge Art Nouveau building Royal Pavilion (Nash 1815-22) East Bergholt (Constable) R. Stour (Constable) Dedham (Constable) Fonthill Abbey (Beckford 1796) Salisbury Cathedral (Turner, Constable) Abbotsford (Walter Scott’s castle) Shoreham (Palmer) Cologne Cathedral (Schinkel 1824-80) Walhalla Donaustauf (von Klenze 1814-42) Neuschwanstein Castle (Riedel, Jank, Dollmann, Hoffmann 1868-92) Uppsala University botanical collections (Runge, Friedrich) Port Sunlight (Lever, Owen 1887-1900) Glasshouse (Kibble 1860) Iron Building (Baird 1855-56) Chiswick, Great Conservatory, Syon house (Fowler 1820-27) Kew Palm House (Turner, Burton 1845-47) University Museum (Woodward, Ruskin 1855-60) Communal housing (Familistère 1859-70) Deptford Horta and van de Velde houses Liberal Volkhuis ‘Help U Zelve’ (1898) Art Nouveau Wijk (c. 1900) Watts Memorial Chapel (1897) L. Windermere, Broadleys Gill Head (Voysey 1898-1900) Hale, Halecroft (1890) Windy Hill (Mackintosh 1899-1901) Knutsford, (Richard Harding Watt 1895-1908) Bexleyheath, The Red House (Webb, Morris 1859-60) Chiswick, Bedford Park, South Parade (Shaw 1874-90, Voysey 1889-94) Sanderson and Sons Wallpaper Factory (Voysey 1900-02) Harrow Weald, Grims Dyke (Shaw 1870-72) Wightwick Manor (Ould 1887-93) Maison Hennebique (1900-04) Maison Coilliot Lille (Guimard 1898-1900) Villa Majorelle (Sauvage 1900-01) Alexandraweg (Olbrich, Glückert, Behrens 1899-1901) De Beurs (Berlage 1897-1903) American Hotel & Cafe (Kromhout 1898-1901) Menier Factory (Saunier 1869-74) 1 - 2 - - - 3 - - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - - 12 - - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - - 25 - 26 - 27 - - 28 - 29 - 30 - - 31 -
  8. None
  9. None
  10. Paul  Gauguin,  The  Vision  APer  the  Sermon,  1888.  

  11. Paul  Gauguin,  The  Vision  APer  the  Sermon,  1888.  

  12. Paul  Gauguin,  The  Vision  APer  the  Sermon,  1888.   “I

     believe  that  in  these  figures  I  have  achieved  a  great  rus.c  and   supers..ous  simplicity.    To  me  in  this  pain.ng  the  landscape  and  the   struggle  exist  only  in  the  imagina.on  of  these  praying  people  as  a   result  of  the  sermon.    That  is  why  there  is  a  contrast  between  these   real  people  and  the  struggle  which  takes  place  in  a  landscape  which   is  not  real,  and  is  out  of  all  propor.on.”  
  13. None
  14. “An  ar.st  has  no  home  in  Europe   except  in

     Paris.”   -­‐Friedrich  Nietzsche    
  15. Les  Fauves:  “The  Wild  Beasts”     “What  characterized  

    fauvism  was  that  we   rejected  imita.ve  colors,   and  that  with  pure  colors   we  obtained  stronger   reac.ons.”   -­‐Henri  Ma.sse    
  16. Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),

  17. Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),

  18. Henri  Ma.sse,  Dance  (1),  1909  

  19. Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),

  20. Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),

  21. Henri  Ma.sse,  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy  of  Life),

  22. Henri  Ma.sse,  Study  for  Le  Bonheur  de  Vivre  (The  Joy

      of  Life),  1905-­‐1906.  
  23. None
  24. c.  1775  

  25. c.  1815  

  26. c.  1867-­‐1870  

  27. c.  1871  

  28. German  Expressionism   Die  Brücke   Der  Blaue  Reiter  

  29. Die  Brücke   “With  faith  in  progress  and  in  a

      new  genera.on  of  creators   and  spectators  we  call   together  all  youth.    As  youth,   we  carry  the  future  and  want   to  create  for  ourselves   freedom  of  life  and  of   movement  against  the  long-­‐ established  older  forces.     Everyone  who  reproduces  that   which  drives  him  to  crea.on   with  directness  and   authen.city.”    
  30. Ernst  Ludwig  Kirchner,   Street,  Berlin,  1913.  

  31. Ernst  Ludwig  Kirchner,  Street,  Berlin,  1913.  

  32. Ernst  Ludwig  Kirchner,  Street,  Berlin,  1913.  

  33. Ernst  Ludwig  Kirchner,  Street,  Berlin,  1913.  

  34. Der  Blaue  Reiter   “By  founding  this   associa6on,  we

     are   hoping  to  give  material   shape  to  the  spiritual   kinship  between  ar6sts,   form  that  will  give  us   occasion  to  address  the   public  with  joint  forces.”   -­‐Vassily  Kandinsky    
  35. St.  George,  the  “Blue  Knight”  on   Moscow’s  Crest  

    Vassily  Kandinsky,  St.  George  and  the   Dragon,  c.  1915  
  36. 21.7  Vassily  Kandinsky,  ComposiJon  IV,   1911.  

  37. 10˚ 0˚ 10˚ 20˚ 30˚ 40˚ 50˚ Châtou Collioure St

    Tropez Marseille Trouville Paris L'Estaque Milan London Dresden Munich Oslo Murnau Stampa Vienna Church of Notre Dame (Perret 1922-23) Villa Savoye (Le Corbusier 1929-31) Moscow Melnikov House (Melnikov 1929) Notre Dame du Haut (Le Corbusier 1950-54) Ronchamp Eveux sur l'Arbresle Worpswede Zurich Cologne Hanover Barcelona Migration to USA Duchamp from France 1915 Ernst from France 1941 Grosz from Germany 1932 Albers from Germany 1933 Gropius from Germany 1937 Moholy-Nagy from Germany 1937 Mies van der Rohe from Germany 1938 Mondrian from Netherlands 1940 Amsterdam Florence Ferrara St Petersburg Copenhagen Düsseldorf Liverpool St Ives Brussels House (Whiteread 1993) Târgu-Jiu Puppy (Koons 1997) Vitebsk Gris Madrid Ernst Giacometti Brancusi Bilbao Construction for the Bijenkorf Department store (Gabo 1954-57) Gateshead Angel of the North (Gormley 1998) Stockholm Moderna Museet (1958) Venice Livorno Rome Mondrian Rotterdam Utrecht Berlin Budapest Brno Le Raincy Poissy Sightpoint (Serra 1971-75) Endless Column (Brancusi 1937) Trellick Tower (Goldfinger 1972) Palais Stoclet (Hoffmann 1905-11) Schröder House (Rietveld 1923-24) Tugendhat House (Mies van der Rohe 1930) Steiner House (Loos 1910) Unité d’Habitation (Le Corbusier 1945-52) Cathedral of Christ the King (Gibberd 1967) Monastery of Ste Marie de laTourette (Le Corbusier 1953-9) Tate Gallery Tate Gallery Tate Modern (Herzog & de Meuron 2000) Guggenheim Museum Pompidou Centre (Rogers & Piano 1971-77) Guggenheim Museum (Gehry 1997) Guggenheim Museum (1951) Goncharova, Kandinsky, Larionov Chagall Severini Modigliani Miró, Picasso Graveyard of Fallen Monuments Szoborpark Tham e s Seine Loire Po Rhône Ebro Gar onne Duero Rhine Elbe Oder Volga Vistula Danube Dniester Dnieper Tagus Me use N O R T H S E A BA LT I C S E A A D R IA TIC SEA B L A C K S E A B A Y O F B I S C A Y M E D I T E R R A N E A N S E A A T L A N T I C O C E A N P Y R E N E E S A L P S B A L K A N M T S. CA R PA T IAN M T S D I N A R I C A L P S S I C I LY CORSICA SARDINIA B A L E A R I C I S . A F R I C A UNITED KINGDOM IRELAND F R A N C E S P A I N I TA LY GREECE T U R K E Y MACE- DONIA BELGIUM SWITZ. LUX. NETH. DENMARK N O R W AY S W E D E N FINLAND ESTONIA LATVIA LITHUANIA RUSS. FED BELORUSSIA R U S S I A N F E D E R A T I O N U K R A I N E P O L A N D CZECH REPUBLIC SLOVAKIA R O M A N I A B U L G A R I A SLOVENIA CROATIA BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA A U S T R I A H U N G A R Y G E R M A N Y YUGO S LAVIA ALBANIA P O R T U G A L M OLDAVIA N 0 0 200 miles 300 kms 1 Europe, 1900-2000 centres associated with Fauvism centres associated with Cubism centres associated with Futurism centres associated with Expressionism centres associated with Dada centres associated with Surrealism centres associated with de Stijl centres associated with Metaphysical painting centres associated with Constructivism centres associated with CoBra centres associated with Fluxus religious architecture domestic architecture museum/gallery of modern art public monument open air sculpture park artist/architect moving to Paris artist/architect moving to USA
  38. Malaga   Madrid   Barcelona   Paris   c.  1888

      c.  1896  c.  1900   c.  1904   Pablo  Picasso,  First   Communion,  1896.   . erns and brothels in late-19th century Barcelona is clearly marked by strong thick brushstrokes, as separated, placing itself precisely to the fore and e nude which is to mark out the venue’s brothel ar again in Picasso's work - La Celestina (The n the sofa, it is the old inquisitive-looking procuress Pablo  Picasso,  The  Divan,  1899.   Pablo  Picasso,  Moulin  de  la  Galebe,   1900.  
  39. “Bateau  Lavoir”  

  40. Pablo  Picasso,  Family  of  SalJmbanques,  1905.   “Rose  Period”  

  41. Colonial  Africa  Map   Almost  all  of  Africa  was  

    colonized  by  the   beginning  of  the  20th   century  
  42. Members  of  Raiding  Party  with  their  “loot”,  Palace  of  the

     Oba,  Benin,   1897.  
  43. Collec.ons  of  the  Musee  d’Ethnographie  du   Trocadero  (now  Musee

     Quai  Branly),  c.  1931.  
  44. Vo.ve  statue  of  an  African  “Voodoo”  god   at  the

     Musee  d’Ethnographie  du  Trocadero   (now  the  Musee  du  Quai  Branly),  c.  1900.   Pablo  Picasso  in  his  Studio  with  works  of  African   and  Oceanic  Art,  Bateau-­‐Lavoir,  Paris,  1908.      
  45. “I  grasped  why  I   was  a  painter.  All  

    alone  in  that   museum,   surrounded  by   masks,  Red  Indian   dolls,  dummies   covered  with  dust.”    
  46. Pablo  Picasso,  Bull:  Stages  I-­‐VIII,  1945.     “Bison”  or

     Aurochs,  Altamira,  Spain,  12,500   BCE   “Aler  Altamira,  all  is  decadence.”  
  47. Man  Ray.  Femme  et   sculpture  d'une  reine   babwa

     (Cameroun),  before   1930.    
  48. Pablo  Picasso,  Les  Demoiselles  d’Avignon,  1907.  

  49. Picasso,  c.  1907   Bouguereau,  c.  1870   Ingres,  c.

  50. Paul  Cezanne,  The  Bathers,  c.  1885-­‐87    

  51. Pablo  Picasso,  Bathers  in  the  Forest,  1908.  

  52. Paul  Cezanne,  The  Large  Bathers,  1906.  

  53. Picasso,  c.  1907   Cezanne,  c.  1885-­‐1887   Ma.sse,  1906.

  54. Pablo  Picasso,  Les  Demoiselles  d’Avignon,  1907.  

  55. Picasso,  c.  1907   Greek,  600  BCE   Egypt,  c.

     1000  BCE   Persia,  c.  520  BCE.  
  56. Pablo  Picasso,  Les  Demoiselles  d’Avignon,  1907.  

  57. Pablo  Picasso,  Les  Demoiselles  d’Avignon,  1907.  

  58. Mask, Etoumbi region, People`s Rebublic of the Congo. Wood, 14z.

    Musée Barbier-Müller, Geneva.
  59. Dama  del  Cerro  de  Los  Santos,   Albacete,  Spain,  4th

     century  BCE   Pablo  Picasso,  Demoiselles   d’Avignon,  1907.