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UX Career Progression: Creating & Presenting a UX Portfolio

Eb6ed5a43c9e971755ad26256fd3c954?s=47 Nick Finck
November 19, 2015

UX Career Progression: Creating & Presenting a UX Portfolio

A presentation on how to think about, create, and present your UX design portfolio. First presented at General Assembly Seattle on November 19th 2015.


Nick Finck

November 19, 2015


  1. Creating & Presenting a UX Portfolio November 19th, 2015 UX

    Career Progression
  2. Who the heck is this guy?

  3. Photo credit: Jeff Croft Personal Site NickFinck.com Role Product Design

    Manager Employer Facebook
  4. UX Career Progression Series • Part 1 - Starting a

    Career in User Experience Design (blog post) • Part 2 - Finding a Niche and Building a Personal Brand (presentation) • Part 3 - Creating and Presenting a UX Portfolio (presentation) • Part 4 - Interviewing & Landing a UX job (coming soon) • Part 5 - Understanding UX Career Paths (coming soon)
  5. ”The User Experience Honeycomb" by Peter Morville Findable Desirable Useful

    Usable Valuable Accessible Credible User Experience (UX) is about how a person feels about using a system or device. What is the user experience? •It is not: • Designed • Objective • Procedural • Static It is: • Designed for • Subjective • Philosophical • Dynamic
  6. Storytelling

  7. Photo from https://briankaldorf.wordpress.com #1 — Tell a story And then

    the creature ripped off both of his arms!!!
  8. Explain the challenge Photo of http://simonpan.com/

  9. Photo of http://simonpan.com/ Describe your approach

  10. Photo of http://simonpan.com/ Talk about what you learned

  11. Recap: • Frame the Problem • Cover your Approach •

    Show your Solution • Explain the Learnings #1 — Tell a story
  12. About You

  13. Photo from the Denver International Airport #2 — Tell us

    who you are We’re going to be late to our meeting with the Emperor.
  14. Quickly explain who you are Photo of http://zachkuzmic.com/

  15. Designing the interactive behaviors of a product or system with

    a specific focus on their use. Designing the visual qualities of a product or system in an aesthetically pleasing way. Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. Identifying and organizing information within a product or system in a purposeful & meaningful way. Measuring the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system. User Research Content Strategy Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual Design Usability & Analytics Understanding the people who use a product or system through observations. Describe your focus
  16. Show your personality Screenshot of http://andrewdoherty.com/

  17. Recap: • Elevator pitch Who you are • Inject your

    Personality • Tell us your Focus #2 — Tell us who you are
  18. Showcase

  19. #3 — Showcase your work Photo of http://zachkuzmic.com/ I just

    want to pick one of these up and go.. “Zoooooomm!”
  20. Have good lead-ins Photo of http://zachkuzmic.com/

  21. Open strong Screenshot of http://haraldurthorleifsson.com/

  22. Show real client work Photo of http://www.edlea.com/

  23. Always explain your role Photo of http://simonpan.com/

  24. Show all of your work Photo from http://jenirodger.com/

  25. Explain your process Screenshot of http://andrewdoherty.com/

  26. Never show work under NDA Photo from What’s New World?!

  27. Recap: • Show Real client work • Tell us your

    Role in the work • Show all Stages of the work • Give an overview of your Process • Never show Work under NDA #3 — Showcase your work
  28. Feedback

  29. #4 — Get feedback You guys should probably know about

  30. Find an expert to give guidance and advice My web

    site rocks!
  31. Get feedback often

  32. Photo from http://venturebeat.com/ Get your portfolio critiqued by peers

  33. Recap: • Find an expert for Advice • Keep getting

    Feedback often • Have peers Critique your portfolio 4 — Get feedback often
  34. Presenting

  35. #5 — Don’t try to cover too much Wait, how

    many projectiles did you say?!
  36. #6 — Answer the question I don't know how to

    put this but I'm kind of a “big deal.”
  37. #7 — Be prepared Alright, listen up everybody!

  38. Thank you!

  39. • Personal Site: NickFinck.com • Email: nickfinck@gmail.com • Facebook: facebook.com/nickfinck

    • Twitter: @nickf Questions?
  40. Creating Better UX Portfolios: 4 Do’s & Dont’s by Harish

    Venkatesan http://bit.ly/1WZZuCc Minimum Viable UX Portfolio by UX Beginner http://bit.ly/1O4fmOl Better UX Portfolios by Jason Mesut http://bit.ly/1I01qyo 10 Inspiring UX Portfolios by Sarah Hawk http://bit.ly/1MnWIOM
  41. Mike Monteiro Ian Fenn Nick Disabato Cadence & Slang Design

    is a job Designing a UX Portfolio Com ing Soon!