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From napkin sketch to product: UX for startups

43e5098ca879b5f1a0e70d23fafdcb47?s=47 Nicky Szmala
October 08, 2011

From napkin sketch to product: UX for startups

I gave this workshop together with Christian Drehkopf at Tongji University in Shanghai as part of the first 3 Day Startup event in China.


Nicky Szmala

October 08, 2011


  1. Nicky Szmala | Christian Drehkopf | October 2011 3DS Shanghai

    @Tongji University From napkin sketch to product A workshop on UX for startups
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  4. What is UX?

  5. Ux = User Experience

  6. This is an experience

  7. And this too …

  8. And of course this …

  9. Or this …

  10. Also this …

  11. A simple model …

  12. User-Experience (UX) is about how a person feels when interacting

    with a product, system or service. ISO 9241-210 ergonomics of human system interaction
  13. User Experience is • useful – the UX of your

    product is often the first experience your customers have with your product or service • required – your product / service cannot not have an user experience • innovative – designing UX is one of the most efficient ways of communicating and controlling your product outcome
  14. UX examples

  15. UX is about device input ... 5 Way Jumping from

    link to link 5 Way Cursor based Touch screen
  16. … and device output. 28 Features 6 Features Browse View

    Slideshow Share AirPrint AirPlay 3 Features Browse View Share
  17. … but especially about the connections.

  18. UX is a strategy to present ...

  19. ... to manage content.

  20. ... and peer interactions.

  21. individual social rational emotional practical no-car brand focused extroverted User

    Experience is about knowing your customer …
  22. individual social rational emotional brand focused User Experience is about

    knowing your customer and your market. Highest (anticipated) opportunity
  23. UX applied

  24. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to

    add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery (french writer, poet and pioneering aviator)
  25. Designing User Experiences is an agile process concept design research

    development abstract real synthetic analytic
  26. UX testing

  27. Measuring User Experiences Using the right method generative formative predictive

    Qualitative Quantitative Time
  28. Creating User Experiences Low-Fi-Prototypes ITERATIONS Start Simple Learn and optimize

  29. Measuring User Experiences Paper Based Prototyping

  30. Measuring User Experiences Customer Recreation

  31. Measuring User Experiences Qualitative Your PC CamtasiaSt udioTrailVe rsion Webcamor

    Steadycam Or simply record interaction with phone camera
  32. Measuring User Experiences Qualitative

  33. Test Drive

  34. Measuring User Experiences Quantitative

  35. UX resources

  36. Find and hire designers www.behance.net

  37. Download professional Web Designs under 50$ www.templatemonster.com

  38. Crowd Source Design

  39. Rappid Wireframing Tool www.balsamiq.com

  40. “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not

    simpler.” Albert Einstein
  41. John Maeda – Simplicity -> A book about how to

    design Steve Krug – Rocket Surgery … -> Do-It-Yourself guide for usability testing Adaptive Path – Subject to Change -> Why user experience matters + examples Recommended Books
  42. None
  43. Make it work.