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Why UX is not (just) a beautiful UI

Why UX is not (just) a beautiful UI

Short keynote speech as part of the 10x10 conference organized by Chinaccelerator.


Nicky Szmala

July 04, 2014


  1. Why  UX  is  not  (just)  a  beautiful    UI Nicky

     Szmala Co-­‐Founder  HackerHires hachkerhires.com @hackerhires @szmala
  2. Who’s  speaking Europe Germany_Berlin (onsite) Germany_Dusseldorf (onsite) Germany_Hamburg (onsite) England_London

    France_Paris Finland_Helsinki (onsite) North America USA_Santa Monica Asia China_Beijing (onsite) China_Shanghai (onsite) China_Guangzhou (onsite) Singapore (onsite) UAE_Dubai Japan_Tokyo
  3. Let’s  start:  What  is  UX?

  4. This  is  an  experience

  5. This  as  well

  6. And  this

  7. Also  this

  8. Yep,  also  this

  9. What  makes  these    examples  good   (or  bad)  user

  10. It’s  the  sum  of  its  parts Let’s  take  a  look:

  11. Good weather + Reasonable waiting times + Safe ride +

    8 loops/ 100km/h + Friendly staff = Fun
  12. ??? + ??? + ??? + ??? + ??? =

    What makes this a great user experience
  13. Don’t  mess  up  the  details…

  14. Nice Wow Oops…

  15. What  does  this  mean  for  our  web  &   mobile

  16. Think  about  use  cases A B C D E

  17. Know  your  Pield  in  and  out!

  18. Not  just  google  facts…

  19. Or  staring  at   spreadsheets

  20. Talk  to  your  users

  21. This  is  how  we  do  it 1. Script  a  questionnaire

    2. Leverage  personal  contacts 3. Doesn’t  matter  where  they  are  located  (Skype   works) 4. Do  1-­‐on-­‐1’s   5. Record  everything 6. Get  intro’s  from  the  people  you  interview 7. RePine  your  script 8. Keep  doing  it
  22. Who  should  do  that?

  23. In  case  you  are  a  founder: You!

  24. “Crap,  all  it  takes  is  a  designer”

  25. Good  UX  starts  here:

  26. Avoid  the  trap…

  27. Leverage  state-­‐of-­‐   the-­‐art  frameworks:

  28. What  else…

  29. ‘Go  for  a  cause. Make  meaning!’ Guy  Kawasaki

  30. Thanks Nicky Szmala Co-Founder HackerHires nicky@hackerhires.com hachkerhires.com @hackerhires @szmala