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Getting started as an Open Source Contributor

Getting started as an Open Source Contributor

Nikhita Raghunath, a Steering Committee member and a core contributor to Kubernetes; and Ihor Dvoretskyi, a long-term Kubernetes contributor, now a Developer Advocate at the Cloud Native Foundation, the largest open source foundation in the world, will share their insights on becoming a contributor and an active community member in the world of open source. Also, they will highlight the opportunities for those who are about to make their first steps in the open source contributions, including the programs as Google Summer of Code, Community Bridge by The Linux Foundation, Outreachy and others.

Nikhita Raghunath

February 20, 2020

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  1. None
  2. Ihor Dvoretskyi and Nikhita Raghunath Getting started as an Open

    Source Contributor
  3. Contribution Guides contribute.cncf.io

  4. CNCF Meetups in India Meetup Groups 15

  5. CNCF Ambassadors in India Ambassadors 8

  6. Mentorship programs • Google Summer of Code • Community Bridge

    • Outreachy Mentees are of Indian Origin 50 %+
  7. Diving in the Community

  8. Community Groups

  9. Communication • Mailing Lists • Slack channels • Meetings, Meeting

    Notes • YouTube recordings
  10. India-specific Slack channels • #in-dev - for contributors • #in-users

    - for users • #in-events - for events happening in India slack.k8s.io
  11. Understanding the codebase https://github.com/kubernetes/community Contributor Guide - Terminology - Best

    practices - How to find issues - GitHub workflow Developer Guide - Setting up development environment - API conventions - Release process - How to write and run tests
  12. Understanding the codebase Codebase tour videos on YouTube

  13. Find an issue

  14. Issue Triage

  15. Non-code contributions

  16. Shadowing on the release team

  17. Contributor Ladder

  18. None