Getting started with the Kubernetes Community - KubeCon Keynote

Getting started with the Kubernetes Community - KubeCon Keynote

Kubernetes is its community. Kubernetes is where it is today only because of the people behind it. The foundation of this thriving community lies on the Kubernetes Community Values. In this talk, we will take a look at what they are, why they are so important and how they shaped our growing ecosystem. By first focusing on the core values, we’ll give the audience an idea of *what* it means to be involved and *why* they should contribute. After that, we will talk about *how* they can get started with contributing, move up the contributor ladder and become a regular contributor who serves the project. Lastly, we’ll look at some stories about how the existing contributors got started with their journey.

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Nikhita Raghunath

May 21, 2019


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    What springs to mind? - business? - velocity of features?

    - global collaboration? - family and friends? @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    Kubernetes Community Values: “Inclusive is better than exclusive” $770,000 spent

    309 recipients 7 KubeCons @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    “Inclusive is better than exclusive” • Anyone is welcome •

    Each contribution is valued @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    “Inclusive is better than exclusive” • Leadership is earned •

    Respect is distributed equally @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    “Community over product or company” • Individuals gain status through

    their work; • Companies through their commitments @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    “Distribution is better than centralization” • Work is distributed in

    a high-trust and high-visibility manner • Invest in the next generation through mentorship @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    Lucas Käldström @luxas / @kubernetesonarm High School Graduate from Finland

    SIG Cluster Lifecycle Chair CNCF Ambassador, CKA Running luxas labs, contracting for Weaveworks Subproject Owner for e.g. kubeadm Nikhita Raghunath @nikhita / @TheNikhita University Graduate from India SIG Contributor Experience Technical Lead CNCF Ambassador Software Engineer at Loodse Subproject Owner
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    Community Groups • Special Interest Groups • Working Groups •

    User Groups • Committees @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita
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    Want to improve Kubernetes significantly? 1. Talk to a SIG

    2. Write a KEP @kubernetesonarm & @TheNikhita