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Getting started with Serverless Applications on Microsoft Azure

9e33a1d43a88f23f6c545c1e0f07f4b5?s=47 Nilesh Gule
November 19, 2020

Getting started with Serverless Applications on Microsoft Azure

Slides from the talk presented at the Serverless Singapore user group on 19th November 2020. The talk covers different services in Azure which support serverless capabilities.

Youtube video link: https://youtu.be/9xFW626Zaow


Nilesh Gule

November 19, 2020

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  1. Nilesh Gule @nileshgule | www.HandsOnArchitect.com Getting started with Serverless Applications

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  5. What is Serverless? $ Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95 – Frank Boucher

  6. Azure Serverless – Compute  Elastically provision pods inside Azure

    Container Instances (ACI)  AKS virtual Node built on top of open source virtual Kubelet project  KEDA – Add event-driven capabilities by processing events from event sources with ability to scale to zero  Event-driven compute with support for multiple languages (C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, PowerShell)  Pay only for the time code is executed  Functions runtime is open-source  Deploy on Kubernetes, Azure IoT Edge, on-prem and also in other clouds  Run and scale web, mobile and API applications  High productivity, fully managed environment
  7. Azure Function - Scenarios Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95 – Frank Boucher

  8. Azure Functions - Scenarios r PP r Cr Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95

    – Frank Boucher
  9. Demo 1 Azure Functions – Autodelete resource group

  10. Scenarios

  11. Azure Functions – Triggers & Bindings https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-triggers-bindings

  12. Azure Serverless – Workflows and Integrations  Integrate data and

    apps between disparate systems  Visual Workflows – Logic Apps  Use APIs, serverless functions, out-of-the-box SaaS connectors  Publish, secure, transform, manage APIs  Fully managed service  Event-based applications – Azure Event Grid  Distributed & scalable cloud solutions across private and public cloud – Azure Service Bus
  13. Demo 2 Azure Logic Apps – email Autoreply

  14. Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95 – Frank Boucher

  15. Azure Serverless – AI & ML  Enables apps to

    see, hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of communication – Azure Cognitive Services  Use APIs, or deploy using containers on Kubernetes  Intelligent bots – Azure Bot Service  Interact naturally using channels (text / SMS, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office 365, Twitter etc.)  Build, train, deploy models on Azure Machine Learning  Supports cloud as well as edge
  16. Azure Serverless – Databases  Optimize price-performance, simplify performance management

     Automatically scale compute based on workload demand  Pay only for compute used per second  Automatically pause database, pay only for storage during inactive period  Automatically updated, built-in high availability, security & performance with ML  Globally distributed, massively scalable, multi-model database service
  17. Demo 3 Azure SQL Database – serverless database

  18. Azure Serverless – Storage  Static web applications on Azure

    Blob storage  Massively scalable storage for unstructured data  Leverage storage events to respond to operations on blobs  Push blob events through Event Grid to subscribers using Functions, Logic Apps, or custom HTTP Listerner
  19. Azure Serverless – Monitoring and Analytics  Azure Monitor –

    extensible application performance management service to monitor applications  Collect, analyze and act on telemetry from cloud and on-premise environments  Maximize availability and performance of apps  Azure Stream Analytics - Massively parallel real-time analytics on multiple streams of data  Process data on demand, scale instantly, pay per job  Integrates with Power BI for real time dashboards
  20. Demo 4 Burst from AKS to ACI – serverless contianers

    with KEDA
  21. Scale RabbitMQ Consumer with Virtual Node kedaVNet kedaAKSSubnet kedaVirtualNodeSubnet Producer

    - .Net Core API Consumers - .Net Core exe
  22. Azure serverless platform components Local development Monitoring IDE support Integrated

    DevOps Visual debug history </> Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95 – Frank Boucher
  23. Summary • Offers multiple options across compute, database, storage ,

    messaging etc. for serverless capabilities • Increase developer productivity • freeing developers from infrastructure provisioning and management • Build & deploy faster using APIs, low-code / no-code services and ready-to-use machine learning and cognitive models • Boost team performance • Improves agility with fully managed platform to build, deploy & operate applications • Supports hybrid, cloud and edge environments • Proactively manage applications with intelligent monitoring and analysis tools • Improve organizational impact • Accelerate time to market with innovation and new revenue opportunities • Reduce infrastructure total cost of ownership • Minimize risk with intelligent security management and advanced threat protection Azure Serverless
  24. Azure Serverless Azure SQL Database Azure Functions Azure Functions scale

    and hosting Choosing right integration and automation service Azure Architecture Centre KEDA
  25. MS Learn – Create serverless application References Credits: aka.ms/AFUN95 –

    Frank Boucher
  26. Scalable e-commerce web app Reference Architecture https://docs.microsoft.com/en- us/azure/architecture/solution-ideas/articles/scalable- ecommerce-web-app

  27. Bursting from AKS to ACI Reference Architecture https://docs.microsoft.com/en- us/azure/architecture/solution-ideas/articles/scale-using- aks-with-aci

  28. https://github.com/NileshGule/pd-tech-fest-2019

  29. Thank you very much Code with Passion and Strive for

    Excellence https://www.slideshare.net/nileshgule/presentations https://speakerdeck.com/nileshgule/
  30. Nilesh Gule ARCHITECT | MICROSOFT MVP “Code with Passion and

    Strive for Excellence” nileshgule @nileshgule Nilesh Gule NileshGule www.handsonarchitect.com
  31. Q&A