Design Sprint

7672f5efe62372b56761d926061a9420?s=47 Nis Frome
September 03, 2016

Design Sprint

My talk as part of The Product Mentor - Session 5.


Nis Frome

September 03, 2016


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    Nis Frome Enable Fortune 500 product teams to test and

    learn what users want. Product & Content at Alpha // @nisfrome product content 2 This Is Product Management about me
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    assessment When it comes to user-centricity, where does your organization

    stand? No user insights Rarely ever use data or user feedback to make decisions. Ad hoc user research At some point in the dev lifecycle, user research is conducted. Continuous feedback User research is seamlessly baked into the product team’s workflow.
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    design sprint Most product teams are here, which is why

    design sprints are all the rage. Ad hoc user research At some point in the dev lifecycle, user research is conducted.
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    gv’s approach Monday: start with major goal and work backwards

    to identify the user journey and assumptions.
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    gv’s approach Friday: interview five customers, get at the why,

    and have the decider determine next steps from the data.
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    improvements Don’t be too prescriptive, because if you want to

    get more data, your process must fit within organizational workflow. Plan to iterate, because test results are never that cut and dry, and you want to make sure that your data is replicable. Qualitative data is typically underrated, but that doesn’t mean quantitative data is overrated (so don’t forget about it).
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    your turn Identify necessary resources and a key decision that

    needs to be made, and start coordinating a design sprint with coworkers tomorrow.