Lean Advocacy

7672f5efe62372b56761d926061a9420?s=47 Nis Frome
February 12, 2017

Lean Advocacy

Talk from February 12, 2017 to The Product Mentor program.


Nis Frome

February 12, 2017


  1. Be a lean advocate so that your org ships better

    products faster. by nis frome
  2. Nis Frome Enabling product teams to test and learn what

    users want. Co-founder & Content Lead at Alpha nisfrome@gmail.com // @nisfrome product content 2 This Is Product Management AlphaHQ.com/Resources about me
  3. objective The goal is to move further along the spectrum.

    3 It’s a revolution of baby steps.
  4. challenge 4 The status quo can feel unbreakable when colleagues

    are incentivized not to take their lean medicine.
  5. solution 5 Find the right situations to take initiatives and

    get easy wins.
  6. assessment 6 When it comes to lean, where is there

    room to improve? Education Capabilities Examples
  7. education: messaging 7 First, focus on messaging. Aspirations Adaptations Product

    Experiment Customer Target demographic Guarantee Likelihood Continuous Here and there
  8. education: alignment 8 Then, focus on alignment. A handy guide:

    http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/10/16/how-to- make-your-team-love-experimenting/
  9. capabilities 9 Pick a tool, any tool! Design sprints Happy

    hours Surveys Interviews Prototypes Analytics
  10. examples 10 Get your Double Stuf Oreo stories lined up.

  11. advocate 11 Make lean sexy. Sizzle reel ROI Socialize

  12. case studies 12 “Bring the customer to life.”

  13. your turn 13 Identify opportunities to apply lean methodologies within

    your company, and champion the successes to advocate for wider adoption.