Building your product management brand

7672f5efe62372b56761d926061a9420?s=47 Nis Frome
April 15, 2018

Building your product management brand

Why and how effective product managers invest in building their personal brands.


Nis Frome

April 15, 2018


  1. How product managers can build great... personal brands. by nis

  2. Nis Frome Enabling product teams to experiment faster Co-founder at

    Alpha // @nisfrome product content 2 This Is Product Management Product Management Insider about me
  3. 3 Why and how effective product managers invest in building

    their personal brands. objective
  4. 4 benefits Career trajectory Gaining clarity Attracting talent Product marketing

    Influencing stakeholders You already know this!
  5. 5 success stories 110K+ views across 70+ articles in 2017.

  6. 6 success stories Brent Tworetzky • Product executive • High-performance

    teams • User science Justina Chen • Associate product mgr • Interviewing tips for peers • Lessons learned Holly Hester-Reilly • Product consultant • Thought leadership • Announcements Jeff Morris Jr. • Product strategy • Thought leadership • Visibility for recruiting
  7. 7 branding breakdown Become synonymous with a topic Take advantage

    of opportunities Network, mentor, and be mentored
  8. 8 read > write > edit Find problems to solve

    Experiment and iterate KPIs & unsolicited feedback
  9. 9 -principles You’re not Malcolm Gladwell You’re not Shingy You’re

    not a machine
  10. 10 +principles You should find a model structure You should

    invest in design You should build channels
  11. 11 community

  12. 12 community Find inspiration Medium Events

  13. 13 getting started When you’re ready to get started, spend

    10 minutes writing down five things you think product managers are insecure about.