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GDD Europe Extended (Recap)

GDD Europe Extended (Recap)

GDD Europe Extended was organized at GDG Cloud Vancouver. This session covers a recap of what happened at GDD Europe Event. Towards the end is a demo of Flutter Framework.

Gif Version: https://buff.ly/2xFiNcG

Nishant Srivastava

September 29, 2017

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  1. Nishant Srivastava @nisrulz

  2. Android O @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  3. Android O Background Limitations @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  4. Support Library Downloadable Fonts Physics based Animations @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  5. Physics based Animations @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  6. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  7. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  8. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  9. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended Android Studio 3.0 (beta)

  10. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended Performance Tooling

  11. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended APK Analyzer

  12. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended APK Analyzer Android Oreo Profile any debuggable APK

    Android Nougat and below Enable advanced profiling, build and deploy from AS 3.0 Memory allocations need recording first (like CPU tracing)
  13. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended APK Analyzer $ tools/bin/apkanalyzer [-h] \ <subject> <verb>

    [<options>] <apk> [<apk2>] $ tools/bin/apkanalyzer apk compare -d new.apk old.apk 1323444 1324028 584 /resources.arsc 2468628 2467196 -1432 /classes.dex
  14. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended APK Analyzer $ diff \ <(./apkanalyzer dex packages

    -d app_v1.apk | grep "^C" | cut -f 3,4) \ <(./apkanalyzer dex packages -d app_v2.apk | grep "^C" | cut -f 3,4) > 3266 com.myapp.MyClass > 10542 com.myapp.MyOtherClass
  15. Android Architecture Components @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  16. lutter @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  17. lutter @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended In the wild

  18. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended iOS Android Fuchsia

  19. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended https://www.blog.google/topics/developers/it-must-be-nice-have-hamilton-your-phone

  20. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; void main() { runApp(new MaterialApp( //

    Title title: "Simple Material App", // Home home: new Scaffold( // Appbar appBar: new AppBar( // Title title: new Text("Simple Material App"), ), // Body body: new Container( // Center the content child: new Center( // Add Text child: new Text("Hello World!"), ),),)));}
  21. lutter @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended Demo Time

  22. @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended https://github.com/nisrulz/flutter-examples

  23. https://goo.gl/LB8RCM @nisrulz #GDDEuropeExtended

  24. twitter.com/ nisrulz github.com/ nisrulz .com