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HugOps For Humans: Self-Care to Selfless Care

HugOps For Humans: Self-Care to Selfless Care

Americans are experiencing the highest levels of stress in a decade. And if you are someone from a marginalized community, or working in the tech industry, you likely experience other stressors from concerns around your personal safety, professional growth, and self-esteem. All of which have huge impact on our physical and mental well-being. So how do we instrument ourselves to learn from past crashes so we can detect and manage or mitigate the effects on our health and happiness? In this talk, I hope to share my own journey in self-care and self-acceptance. And use the #HugOps analogy to explore how we as a community can move from self-care, to self-less care, where we share stories and create support networks that help us all survive, and thrive, in challenging times.

Nitya Narasimhan, PhD

October 04, 2019

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  1. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya @nitya #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans HugOps For Humans From

    Self-Care To Selfless-Care. Nitya Narasimhan | #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans | @nitya Image Credit: Noun Project
  2. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Cloud + AI, Startups, ProDev Developer Relations

    Community Health & Advocacy PhD, Polymath Parent Personal Health & Technology Nitya Narasimhan | @nitya
  3. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Credit: Stress In America, Nov 2017 Credit:

    Stress In America, Gen Z, Oct 2018 Credit: New York Times, April 2019 You are not alone!
  4. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Image Credit: Emojipedia Stress transient Anxiety persistent

    Depression pervasive Unchecked stress will lead to bigger mental and physical health issues ..
  5. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Self Care can help you manage your

    stress better Image Credit: Unsplash Community Care is about sharing the burdens together
  6. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Complex Systems Unpredictable Stressors Continuous Availability Observability

    Detect patterns = warning Empathy Embrace failures = learning Communication Share learnings = growing CONTEXT CULTURE DEVOPS HUGOPS
  7. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Complex Systems Unpredictable Stressors Continuous Availability Observability

    Detect patterns = warning Empathy Embrace failures = learning Communication Share learnings = growing CONTEXT CULTURE DEVOPS HUGOPS Human-Ops
  8. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Know Your Enemy Let’s talk about stress

    Image Credit: Unsplash Acute Stress Episodic Stress Chronic Stress
  9. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Allostatic Load Cumulative Wear and Tear.. Image

    Credit: Unsplash ..on the body can cause permanent changes to brain architecture and reduce ability to cope with future uncertainity
  10. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Stress Our body’s response to perceived threats

    to mental or physical well-being Image Credit: Unsplash Adaptive Stress Response our built-in surival instincts adrenaline (fight or flight) cortisol (alert, persistence)
  11. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Learn TRIGGERS Manage RESPONSES Share BURDENS How

    can we effect change? Refactor our behaviors Revitalize our communities Psychological Environmental Physiological Social Anger Fear Insecurity Anxiety Ask for Help Offer Help Share Stories Give Feedback
  12. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Learn Triggers ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIAL Pollution

    & Toxins Food & Drink Illness & Sleep Injury & Disability Family & Friends Social Media Self Esteem
  13. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Image Credit: Unsplash Stress vs. Self-Esteem A

  14. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya MANAGE STRESS Control Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    space-based triggers #Declutter Social Media Workspace Memorabilia “Does it spark joy?”
  15. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya MITIGATE RESPONSES Coping Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    support systems #Ally-Up Run Interference Collective Bargaining Moral Support Ask others to help!
  16. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    celebrate milestones #GratefulFor Anniversaries Successes Failures
  17. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    know yourself #SelfAcceptance Culture (by birth) Nurture (by upbringing) Venture (by choice)
  18. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    value yourself #SelfAppreciation Embrace achievements Embrace failures Champion yourself Practice saying.. Thank You when complimented I (not we) when you did the work No thanks to emotional labor Yes thanks when offered leadership roles My turn when overlooked for opinions Mine too when overlooked for rewards It happens! on having failures
  19. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya BOOST ESTEEM Comfort Strategies Image Credit: @nitya

    grow yourself #SelfAppraisal Focus Feedback Forgiveness FOCUS Set clear goals Make concrete plans FEEDBACK Ask for help Trust (but verify) FORGIVENESS Assess mistakes Then move on
  20. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Self Care to Self-less Care Self-care cannot

    solve systemic issues! Credit: Flare.com / April 2019
  21. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya We need to destigmatize burdening others, normalize

    asking for help, and challenge ableism “Beyond Self-Care Bubble Baths: A Vision for Community Care” ~ Abeni Jones (Jul 2017)
  22. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya Self-Care to Selfless-Care Stress Anxiety Depression Break

    the Stress, Self Esteem Cycle CONTROL 30-Days Declutter Help yourself Ask for help Help others COPE Refocus Ally-Up COMFORT Celebration Self-Acceptance Self-Appreciation Self-Appraisal
  23. #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans @nitya @nitya #AsburyAgile19 #HugOps4Humans Thank You! Slides: https://aka.ms/2019-10-AsburyAgile

    Work In Progress: Site: https://selfcare.dev Nitya Narasimhan, PhD | @nitya | #HugOps4Humans