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May 04, 2021


  1. None
  2. • Founded in 2018 to build a No-Code Development Platform

    • Founded by Xoogler Tim O’Brien • A mature market ready No-Code product, QModeler The Company
  3. Tim O'Brien CEO/Founder & Architect Shahin Hedayat Faraj Aalaei Investor

    Gerhard Eschelbeck Dr.Richard Moran Author Investor CISO Google The Ferdon Team
  4. “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more

    than 65% of application development activity.” -Gartner “The worldwide low-code development technologies market is projected to total $13.8 billion in 2021, an increase of 22.6% from 2020 - Gartner We have the best product in market whose size is projected to grow from USD 13.2 billion in 2020 to USD 45.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.1% during the forecast period. We Build a Unique No-Code Development Platform
  5. We have the only product that plays here Green ield

    Innovation Turnkey/Bespoke We Deliver on Innovation & Green ield Development Our competitors play here
  6. Competitive comparison other No-Code products

  7. We are a Transformative Innovation of SD PhD PhD MS

    CS BS CS Online Learning Citizen Programmer 2020 Evolution of Software Development
  8. Persona Based Visual Languages Yes AI driven realtime feedback to

    users Yes Deploy to Blockchain, IoT, or Cloud Yes Team Based with Roles Yes Turing-Complete Visual Languages Yes Universal DApp for Blockchain Yes Proprietary Technology For Scaling Blockchain Yes Model Checking & Formal Verification Yes Our Platform’s Unique Features
  9. Ferdon will enter two markets in 2021 • E-Commerce market

    in SEA region • FinTech Market Ferdon has done significant work in both the fulfillment and blockchain/ DLT spaces including integration work with Walmart and working with blockchain CardStack and Cardano. Our competitors have entered other Healthcare, Insurance, Government markets but we decided to start in two two markets where we have the greatest competitive advantage e-commerce and Blockchain/FinTech Use Of Funds
  10. Marketplace Aggrigators Full illment Providers Store Fronts … E-Commerce is

    growing at an explosive rate - CAGR estimated of e-commerce 14.7% - 18.4% ( with 32% CAGR in asia ) $4.105 trillion market size. The e-commerce industry has many niche markets and a stream of new entrants to service these areas of fulfillment, aggregators and and store fronts. Sellers benefit from each integration either by access to markets, access to more customers, or lower cost and improvised customer satisfaction. The Opportunity (Omni-Channels Creation)
  11. Building and maintaining integrations between two API is a Herculean

    task and there would be well over 2,000 integrations required to integrate all the offerings The Problem - Large Number of Integrations
  12. Cost Of Initial Integration {Marketplaces} X { Fulfillment Services }

    X { Store Technologies} X { Cost to Integrate API } 10 x 20 x 10 X $80,000 ———————-———- $160,000,000 Cost to Maintain Integrations (Yearly) {Marketplaces} X { Fulfillment Services } X { Store Technologies } X {Annual Cost to Maintain Api} 5 x 20 x 6 X 30, 000 ——————————- $60,000,000 Problem we can solve for E Commerce
  13. Web Developers Everyone Else 99.9% Programmers Only a handful of

    people have the skills and training to build or integrate software We Rede ine Who Can Integrate Software
  14. Doesn’t Know How To Code, Doesn’t Want To know How

    To Code and Doesn’t Need To Know How To Code Citizen Programmer Lower Cost by Incentivizing Citizen Programmers Lazada Shopee Ful ilment by lazda
  15. No Code programmers create Integration components and products Just connected

    shop to e- commerce application Non-Fungible Token Use Non-Fungible Tokens to attribute the users work, the user is rewarded when the product of his work is used. We Build and Incentivize Communities
  16. • GMV Exceeds 41 billion in 4’th quarter 2020 •

    GMV Exceeds $120 billion in 2020 • GMV growth 96% year on year • GMV Exceeds ¥ 3.9 trillion • GMV 14% growth Sample of The E Commerce Growth (GMV)
  17. Charge 2% of gross sales of product sold using our

    services: Charge 3% of fulfillment services sold through our system Revenue from Ful illment Services Revenue From Sellers Charge 4% of shipping charged through our services. Or charge a fixed monthly usage fee priced in tiers and based on number of transactions E Commerce Revenue Model
  18. • Blockchain active user base is still small - lack

    of trust is still an issue • Blockchain app developers are not well incentivized outside crypto raises • Essential blockchain products like food provenance are not available to the poor Application To Blockchain
  19. • Allow Citizen Programmers to build a new layer of

    value by using existing protocols as legos to build ever more complex protocols for payment, reward, insure tech… • Stop thinking of smart contracts as fixed one-size-fits all applications and start thinking of the blockchain as an exciting world full of powerful building blocks that anyone can use to build anything they want using a drag/drop no-code platform Solution
  20. Create new protocols by finding new ways to connect wallets,

    oracles relayers, connectors, swaps, yields, bridges, digital asset management… or build a smart contact from scratch Custom protocols for payment, reward, etc., can be created using only QModelers drag and drop interface Citizen Programmers building the Next Layer of Blockchain
  21. Ferdon will take a fee of .5% for each transaction

    and charge a product deployment fee starting from $2000 for one deployment up to $50,000K for unlimited deployments. The high price elasticity of blockchain smart contracts, together with the high price reduction that would be enabled by QModeler would drive a high volume of transactions. Blockchain Revenue Model
  22. Healthcare, Travel, Insurance…. With our unique platform we can easily

    enter other markets and quickly become the leader. Others build expensive turn-key solutions while we build communities if Citizen Programmers Whats Next
  23. PRE SEED ROUND: 500K @ 10M The Ask THIS ROUND:

    1M 3.5M @ 20M 800K COMMITTED
  24. www.qmodeler.net Explainer Video Links