What designers can learn from wheelchair rugby players?

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April 11, 2014

What designers can learn from wheelchair rugby players?

Since September 2013 organizers of WUD Silesia conference work with The Riders (wheelchair rugby players team) building voluntary partnership between designers and NGO. Inspired by the idea of Participatory Design, HCD approach and SCRUM, we conduct a design process based on team spirit and care. During the process we change our roles from the service designers into coaches, facilitators or even wheelchair rugby players. The presentation will show how this unusual case, turned into a life changing experience.

I conducted this presentation during UX Poland 2014 conference together with Agata Magdalena Nowak (my sister), who is the originator of the Betterment project and who designed this beautiful slides.



April 11, 2014


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  3. Rysunek Seby 2 (to my)

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  7. Rysunek Seby – wyjście

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