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A wonderful circulation of the Ogijima Library and WordPress

July 15, 2018

A wonderful circulation of the Ogijima Library and WordPress

WordCamp Ogijima 2018 でのスピーカースライド。


July 15, 2018

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  1. ཭ౡͰ΋ੜ͖ΒΕΔ ʙஉ໦ౡਤॻؗʹ͓͚ΔWordPress׆༻ࣄྫʙ ֹլ ॱࢠ

  2. ֹլʢ෱Ҫʣ ॱࢠ Junko Nukaga ϑϦʔϥϯεͷWebσβΠφʔ ɹNPO๏ਓஉ໦ౡਤॻؗཧࣄ௕ ɹɹ෱ౡݝੜ·Εɺݱࡏ͸உ໦ౡ΁Ҡॅ

  3. P H O TO A N D ɹ W R

    I T E R ࣸਅͱݴ༿
  4. https://profiles.wordpress.org/nukaga WordPress.org - Profiles

  5. https://wptavern.com/how-wordpress-is-powering- a-new-community-on-the-remote-island-of-ogijima WP Tavern

  6. O G I J I M A உ໦ౡ

  7. R E O P E N T H E S

    C H O O L உ໦খதֶߍͷ࠶։
  8. I C A N L I V E AT I

    S L A N D ͳͥౡʹॅΊΔͱࢥ͔ͬͨ
  9. W O R D P R E S S WordPress

    8 2
  10. W R I T E A T I T L

    E I N T H I S S E C T I O N Our Vision "Success seems to be connected with action.” — Conrad Hilton O G I J I M A L I B R A RY உ໦ౡਤॻؗ
  11. W H Y D I D I M A K

    E A L I B R A RY ? ͳͥਤॻؗʁ
  12. None
  13. ࣗ෼͕ෆ҆ʹࢥͬͨ͜ͱͷղফ ࣗ෼͕޷͖ͳ͜ͱͷγΣΞ W H Y D I D I M

    A K E A L I B R A RY ? ͳͥਤॻؗʁ
  14. O P E N S O U R C E

    Φʔϓϯιʔε ఩ֶ ख๏ Method Philosophy
  15. ख๏ Method

  16. https://ogijima-library.or.jp/ உ໦ౡਤॻؗ

  17. O L D H O U S E ഇ԰

  18. S E L F B U I L D ΈΜͳͱ࡞Δ

  19. M O B I L E L I B R

    A RY W H E E L B A R R O W ҠಈਤॻؗΦϯό
  20. G E T A F O L L O W

    I N G ϑΝϯΛ૿΍͢ ӡӦ ؔΘΔ ϑΝϯ ڵຯ͕͋Δ ஌ͬͯΔ
  21. https://www.instagram.com/ogijimalibrary/ Social networks

  22. https://readyfor.jp/projects/ ogijimallibrary-book Ϋϥ΢υϑΝϯσΟϯά

  23. https://readyfor.jp/projects/ ogijimalibrary-roof Ϋϥ΢υϑΝϯσΟϯά

  24. L AY E R ৘ใͷϨΠϠʔ

  25. S E L F B U I L D ߋ৽΋ҰਓͰ͸ͳ͘

  26. https://ogijima-library.or.jp/book-search/ ଂॻݕࡧ - ΧʔϦϧ

  27. A PA I R O F W H E E

    L S ྆ྠ Real Web
  28. F R O M P O I N T ఺͔Β

    ੜ׆ ࢓ࣄ झຯ झຯ ༑ਓ ஍Ҭ
  29. W R A P ໘΁ ੜ׆ ࢓ࣄ झຯ झຯ ༑ਓ

  30. None
  31. ੜ׆ ࢓ࣄ झຯ झຯ ༑ਓ ஍Ҭ

  32. ੜ׆ ࢓ࣄ झຯ झຯ ༑ਓ ஍Ҭ 42 F R O

    M 2 0 1 4 TO 2 0 1 8 2014 - 2018 உ໦ౡ΁ͷҠॅऀ
  33. None
  34. झຯ C O M M U N I T Y

    ίϛϡχςΟ Local WordPress γΣΞ པΔ ཱࣗ ଚॏ ଟ༷ੑ
  35. झຯ M E E T U P Kagawa WordPress Meetup

  36. झຯ N E X T L E T M E

    H E A R Y O U R S TO RY ࣍͸͋ͳͨͷ෺ޠΛௌ͔͍ͤͯͩ͘͞