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#25 WP ZoomUP - WordPress 5.3 Beta 事前情報

September 23, 2019

#25 WP ZoomUP - WordPress 5.3 Beta 事前情報


September 23, 2019

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  1. Scope ໨ඪ The focus will be polishing current interactions and

    make the UIs more user friendly. ݱࡏͷΠϯλϥΫγϣϯΛຏ͖ɺ UIΛΑΓ࢖͍΍͍͢΋ͷʹ͢Δ
  2. Matt Mullenweg’s 2019 goal reference: https://wptavern.com/wordpress-5-3-development-kicks-off-ui-polishing-editor-improvements-and-new-twenty-twenty-default-theme reference: https://www.slideshare.net/photomatt/wordpress-state-of-the-word-2018 The scope

    for this release is squarely in line with Matt Mullenweg 2019 goal of tightening up the software to improve existing features. طଘͷػೳΛվળ͢ΔͨΊʹιϑτ΢ΣΞΛڧԽ͢Δ
  3. ۩ମతʹԿ͕มΘΔͷʁ άϧʔϐϯά: ϖʔδΛηΫγϣϯʹ෼ׂ͢ΔͨΊͷαϙʔτ Ϟʔγϣϯ: ϒϩοΫͷҠಈ/഑ஔ࣌ͷϏδϡΞϧϞʔγϣϯͷαϙʔτ ྻͷύλʔϯͱ෯: ݻఆྻ෯͓ΑͼఆٛࡁΈϨΠΞ΢τͷαϙʔτ ը૾: େ͖ͳը૾ͷΞοϓϩʔυʹࣦഊͨ͠ޙͷਐߦঢ়گͷอଘͷαϙʔτ ϝσΟΞͷΞΫηεੑ:

    ΞΫηγϏϦςΟ؂ࠪͷ݁Ռɺ͍͔ͭ͘ͷमਖ਼ͱେ෯ͳվળ PHP 7.4: ৽όʔδϣϯͷαϙʔτ͸11݄ޙ൒ʹ༧ఆ ·ͨɺϏϧυ/ςετͷΞοϓσʔτɺEϝʔϧ؅ཧͷվળɺ಺෦Ͱͷଟ͘ͷվળ΋ߦΘΕ͍ͯ·͢ɻ Grouping: support for dividing your page into sections Motion: support for visual motion when moving/arranging blocks Column patterns and widths: support for fixed column widths, and predefined layouts Big images: support for saving progress after a big image fails to upload Media accessibility: some fixes and a lot of polish as a result of the a11y audit PHP 7.4: support for the new version coming late in November And also: Build/Test updates, better administration of emails, and a lot of under the hood improvements!
  4. • Make WordPress Core
 • Gutenberg GitHub
 https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/releases/tag/ v6.5.0-rc.1

    • Upcoming WordPress Meetings
 • Twenty twenty
 https://github.com/WordPress/twentytwenty Source and Contribute • WordPress.org ೔ຊޠ ϒϩά
 • WordPress ೔ຊޠ຋༁