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Make the most out of a conference - MENAIO Summit '18

Make the most out of a conference - MENAIO Summit '18

It's amazing how simple tips and tricks can enable people to make the most out of a conference! It’s all about the mindset, attitude, and energy. Meeting people and being positive and accessible, talk, interact and generate creative ideas, being open and embracing the differences make it up to a better learning and growing experience. You're free to use these slides in your talks, I'd appreciate giving credits though - https://goo.gl/sjGyhR

Abdelrahman Omran

May 06, 2018

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  2. In case you see or hear something or feel uncomfortable,

    reach out to [email protected]
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  7. #3 Establish commonality or a personal connection through ice breaker

  8. #4 Remember that you're here to meet new people, make

    new friends and connections
  9. #5 Be present on social media, make memorable attendance

  10. #6 Use your social media strategically around the platforms used

    by the attendees and presenters.
  11. #7 Re-connecting to people you met makes impression and enhance

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