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Using Dialogflow to build actions for Google Assistant ‘18

Using Dialogflow to build actions for Google Assistant ‘18

You already know Google Assistant, and you're now ready to develop actions for billions of users? Let's know about Dialogflow together and how simple and easy we can do amazing stuff with basic knowledge and sometimes without any coding at all. It's kind of fun, and interesting experience, so let's get started building something useful. You're free to use these slides in your talks, I'd appreciate giving credits though - https://goo.gl/Dn7ruf

Abdelrahman Omran

May 15, 2018

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  1. Be excellent to each other. Treat everyone with respect. Participate

    while acknowledging that everyone deserves to be here — and each of us has the right to enjoy our experience without fear of harassment, discrimination, or condescension, whether blatant or via micro-aggressions. Jokes shouldn’t demean others. Consider what you are saying and how it would feel if it were said to or about you. Practice saying "Yes and" to each other. It’s a theatre improv technique to build on each other’s ideas. We all benefit when we create together. Speak up if you see or hear something. Harassment is not tolerated, and you are empowered to politely engage when you or others are disrespected. The person making you feel uncomfortable may not be aware of what they are doing, and politely bringing their behavior to their attention is encouraged. In case you see or hear something or feel uncomfortable, reach out to [email protected] Code of Conduct
  2. “ Intent Matching — Match and categorize user utterances to

    an intent. Entity Extraction — Identify key words and phrases spoken by the user. @
  3. Hey Google, talk to __________. Hey Google, connect me with

    __________. Hey Google, get __________.
  4. In Dialogue Discovery: Explicit Triggering Ok Google, ask Personal Chef

    for a hot soup recipe Trigger Phrase App Name Developer Specified Action Preposition Action Phrase Developer Specified Working Examples: Let’s speak to Domino’s Ask Dr. Doggy if dogs can eat chocolate Ok Google, let’s talk to Personal Chef Trigger Phrase App Name Developer Specified
  5. Entities: homemade cannoli “Find me a recipe for homemade cannoli”

    User Says Response Webhook “Find me a recipe for homemade cannoli” “Here’s the best one I can find”
  6. Webhook (optional) “Ok Google, talk to personal chef” Dialogflow Invoke

    “personal chef” action “Well, it’s kind of cold outside, so I’d like something to …” “Sure, here’s your personal chef” “Sure, here’s personal chef. Hi, I’m your personal chef, what are you in the mood for?” “What protein would you like to use?” Speech to Text Text to Speech APP Speech to Text, NLP, Knowledge Graph, ML Ranking, User Profile, Text to Speech
  7. Ok Google, talk to Personal Chef Well, it’s kind of

    cold outside, so I’d like... Sure, here’s Personal Chef What are you in the mood for? What protein would you like to use? Speech to Text NLP Knowledge Graph ML Ranking User Profile Speech to Text Text to Speech ... ... ... Trigger WELCOME event ... NLP: Intent Matching Entity Extraction
  8. Intent Triggered via a series of “user says” phrases or

    platform based events. Matched at every turn of conversation. Can collects entity values.
  9. Important data you want to get from a user's request,

    will have a corresponding entity. It’s powerful tools used for extracting parameter values from natural language inputs. This helps to bias the speech recognizer to detect the values you are expecting. Defined synonyms will be mapped to each entity value. Entities
  10. Action Dialogflow specific use of Action compared to Google Assistant

    Conversation Action. String passed to the webhook that indicates what action is being performed. Can share the same action name across different Intents.
  11. Input and Output Contexts You can require a context to

    be available before an Intent is enabled. Implement flow control between some Intents. Intent can set context to enable other Intents.
  12. Parameters Values that we are trying to capture from the

    user phrases. Can specify a parameter name and a type of value. Values can be a list of fixed values. Values can be optional.
  13. Text response Spoken when the Intent is complete. Webhook can

    dynamically adjust this response. Embed entity values if desired, “I found a recipe for $protein and $vegetable!”
  14. Specify follow up questions if a user doesn’t specify certain

    values Read out in random order to make it more natural Prompts
  15. Fulfillment Dialogflow project interface with business logic through webhook. It’s

    all built in the web platform, so you can use the programming language and hosting platform of your choice, it’s just HTTP(S) callbacks.