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Automation using Gitlab CI and Docker, DevHeaven 2018

Automation using Gitlab CI and Docker, DevHeaven 2018

Ondrej Sika

April 21, 2018

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  1. Automation using Gitlab CI and Docker Ondrej Sika ondrej@ondrejsika.com DevHeaven,

    Pilsen CZ, 21. 4. 2018
  2. Goals - Build application - Auto deploy to test -

    Manual deploy to production
  3. None
  4. Tools - Git - Gitlab + Gitlab CI - Docker

    - Traefik
  5. Setup CI environment

  6. Gitlab CI Runner docker-machine create runner eval $(docker-machine env runner)

    git clone git@github.com:ondrejsika/gitlab-ci-runner.git cd gitlab-ci-runner ./create-runner.sh ./register-runner.sh GITLAB_CI_TOKEN
  7. Server

  8. Traefik Proxy git clone git@github.com:ondrejsika/traefik-ssl.git cd traefik-ssl # put SSL

    cert.pem and key.pem to certs/ dit docker-compose up -d
  9. Gitlab

  10. Gitlab - Create Gitlab project - Setup CI sercret variables

    - SSLPASS (password to server which runs the app)
  11. Application

  12. Application - Dockerize project - Add .gitlab-ci.yml (CI config)

  13. Clone Jekyll Website git clone git@github.com:ondrejsika/jekyll-demo.git cd jekyll-demo git remote

    rename origin github git remote add origin git@gitlab.sikahq.com:test/jekyll.git git push origin master -u
  14. Dockerize git reset --hard github/docker cat Dockerfile

  15. Add Gitlab CI configuration git reset --hard github/gitlab-ci cat .gitlab-ci.yml

  16. Push & some magic hapens

  17. Push git push origin master -u

  18. Make some changes git checkout -b awesome-header vim index.md git

    commit -am 'make header awesome' git push origin awesome-header -u
  19. Resources - https://github.com/ondrejsika/jekyll-demo - https://github.com/ondrejsika/traefik-ssl - https://github.com/ondrejsika/gitlab-ci-runner - https://github.com/ondrejsika/ondrejsika-ci-docker -

  20. Thank you & Questions Ondrej Sika email: ondrej@ondrejsika.com web: ondrej-sika.cz

    twitter: @ondrejsika linkedin: /in/ondrejsika/ Slides: https://sika.link/devheaven2018