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i3 tiling window manager, Install Fest 2018

i3 tiling window manager, Install Fest 2018

Ondrej Sika

March 03, 2018

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  1. i3

  2. i3 features - tiling - no floating windows - no

    mouse needed - fast - minimalistic - No settings GUI - No file manager - No display manager
  3. Installation If you already have a WM (eg.: Gnome), just

    install i3: sudo apt install i3 If you don't have X server, you have to install it: sudo apt install xorg
  4. Run If you have some display manager, in login window

    just select i3. If you don't have it, login to system and startx: startx
  5. Summary Why i love i3 more than 7 years -

    boost productivity - it's fast - stable, minimalistic - no mouse needed
  6. Thank you & Questions Ondrej Sika email: [email protected] web: ondrej-sika.cz

    twitter: @ondrejsika linkedin: /in/ondrejsika/ Slides & materialy na https://sika.link/if18