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ONOS Summit: ONOS Project Governance Proposal

ONOS Summit: ONOS Project Governance Proposal

ONOS Project Governance Proposal presented at ONOS Summit on Dec 9th, 2014
Presented by: Bill Snow, VP Engineering at ON.Lab

ONOS Project

December 09, 2014

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  1. ONOS  Governance   Proposal  for  Review   Bill  Snow  

    VP  of  Engineering  
  2. Governance is a tool to help us achieve our mission.

  3. Governance  Must  Enable   Clarity  and  Integrity  of  Vision,  Architecture,

     Codebase       "People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things." (Steve Jobs - Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference, 1997) Requires  Leadership  and  Benevolent  Dictatorship      
  4. Governance  Must  Enable   Technical  Excellence       “That’s

    been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." (Steve Jobs)     Requires  Meritocracy       Customer  Service         “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” (Peter Drucker)  
  5. ONOS  Governance  –  a  Hybrid   Technical Meritocracy (Apache, Xen)

    The best technical ideas have the most merit. Those who contribute the most, have the most influence. Those with merit, decide who leads. Business decisions must be separated from technical decisions. Benevolent Dictatorship (Canonical/Ubuntu, Linux) ON.Lab reserves certain leadership decisions and reserves the right to veto certain decisions if they are not in the best interest of the project. ON.Lab, as a non-profit, neutral organization, is in a position to ensure the right decisions are made for the benefit of the overall community.
  6. Governance  Structure   Board of Advisors Technical Community Use Case

    Release ON.Lab Board Steering  Teams  
  7. Board of Advisors Constituency 1 member from each partner, up

    to 15 partner appoints member Led by Chairman appointed by ON.Lab BoD Roles and Responsibilities Strategic direction New member recruiting Elect use case steering team lead Steering team conflict resolution Trademark management Ambassadors for ONOS
  8. Technical Steering Constituency (committers only) team of 4 nominated, elected

    by committers led by Chief Architect Roles and Responsibilities Definition of ONOS™ codebase All ONOS technical decisions
  9. Use Case Steering Constituency (service providers only) AT&T NTT Communications

    member appointed by partner leader elected by Board of Advisors Roles and Responsibilities Facilitate deployment in PoCs Selection of use cases and PoCs Prioritization of use cases and their requirements
  10. Release Steering Constituency Lead appointed by ON.Lab BoD TBD (volunteers)

    Roles and Responsibilities Own requirements acceptance and prioritization release roadmap and release content release process Drive release planning release process
  11. Community Steering Constituency Lead appointed by ON.Lab BoD TBD (volunteers)

    Roles and Responsibilities Community growth Community processes and communication Overall “health” and “well being” of community Community conflict resolution Onramp process for new members
  12. ON.Lab Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities Financial oversight of

    ON.Lab and the ONOS membership Appoint/right to remove* Chairman of Board of Advisors Chief Architect, lead of technical steering Lead of release steering Lead of community steering Hold ultimate authority for the content of ONOS* Veto power* Technical steering member *In the spirit of the word “benevolent”, similar to Mark Shuttleworth at Canonical, it is hoped that these powers are not needed or used. We fully expect the community will be able to make the right choices without the ON.Lab board having to exercise these rights.
  13. Board of Advisors Voting 100 votes* 10 – ON.Lab 40

    – Vendors (each receives 40/#vendors up to a maximum of 8) 50 – Service Providers (50/#SPs, no maximum) TBD: How meetings are called, quorum determined, voting done – in general for all groups, this still needs to be Specified. *can be fractional
  14. Governance  Structure  -­‐  Bootstrap   Board of Advisors Technical Community

    Use Case Release ON.Lab  –  Chair  –  Guru  Parulkar   AT&T  –  Al  Blackburn   NTT  CommunicaDons  –  Yukio  Ito   Ciena   Ericsson   Fujitsu   Huawei   Intel   NEC   Thomas  Vachuska,  Lead   Ali  Al-­‐Shabibi  -­‐  SB   Brian  O’Connor  -­‐  NB   Madan  Jampani  -­‐  core   Bill  Snow,  Lead   Prajakta  Joshi   TBD   Prajakta  Joshi,  Lead   Bill  Snow   TBD   AT&T  –  Tom  Anschutz,  Lead   NTT  Comm  -­‐  TBD  

      $  500K,  2  developers,  1  test  deployment   $  50K,  1  developer   By  InvitaOon:  Research,  non-­‐profits,  other   Open  to  everyone   1  Board  Seat   No  board  seats   No  board  seats   No  board  seats  
  16. Membership  Goals   Membership funding allocation •  Core ONOS team

    Budget: $5 million for 20 architects, developers and test •  Community building, processes, infrastructure and outreach Budget: $1 million •  Use Cases, POCs & Trials 2015 Partnership expansion: Community  -­‐  groups  and  Individuals   Research  OrganizaOons   Service  Providers/Operators   Vendors   Enable everyone to get involved Empower contributors. Encourage diversity.   2-­‐4  Service  Providers   2-­‐4  Vendors  
  17. License  and  IP   •  ONOS  is  open  sourced  under

     Apache  2.0  license.     •  ONOS  Contributor  License  Agreement  (CLA)  is   based  on  the  Apache  SoZware  FoundaOon  CLA  

  19. Never  doubt  that  a  small  group  of  though_ul,   commi`ed

     ciOzens  can  change  the  world;   indeed,  it's  the  only  thing  that  ever  has.   (Margaret  Mead)   Come  Join  Us!   •  onosproject.org   •  h`ps://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/ONOS+Governance