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The Time Machine

The Time Machine

Hello everyone, I am going to talk about "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.
"The Time Machine" is a science fiction novel published in 1895 and this is his most famous work.
The book tells the story of the invention of a time machine in the future, and we witness the adventures of our protagonist, Victor, through this time machine.
Here we go...

Onur Canalp

March 23, 2023

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  1. Where 01 Where does the story take place? Who 02

    Who are the main characters? What 03 What happens in the story? Moral Fiber 04 What’s the moral of story? Favourites 05 My favourite character with reasons Opinions 06 What have I learnt from the book about life? What contributions has it made to my English? Would I recommend? Content Of Presentation Onur Canalp
  2. Where The story takes place in London, England: Between: •

    In the late 19th century • 802,701 They all kind of Victorian England. Onur Canalp
  3. Main Characters Time Traveller The main character in "The Time

    Machine" is known only as "the Time Traveller." He is a brilliant inventor and scientist who creates a time machine. Weena A young Eloi woman who befriends the Time Traveller in the distant future. She is gentle and innocent, but also fragile and vulnerable in a dangerous world. The Morlocks A subterranean race of creatures who prey on the Eloi. The Morlocks are savage and brutish. The Eloi a peaceful and childlike race of beings who inhabit the distant future. Onur Canalp
  4. What happens? Time Machine Encounters two different races He lost

    his time machine Morlock Befriends a young Eloi woman named Weena. Eloi The peaceful and childlike Weena Befriends a young Eloi woman named Weena. Returns to his own time, where he shares his story with his friends. Protect Weena from the dangers Onur Canalp
  5. Moral of story Danger of social inequality The importance of

    social responsibility. Social and ethical standards Onur Canalp
  6. My Opinions What have I learnt about life? What contributions

    has it made to my English? Would I recommend?