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Software Development Lessons from the Apollo Program

Software Development Lessons from the Apollo Program


Julian Simioni

April 24, 2014


  1. S O F T WA R E D E V

    E L O P M E N T L E S S O N S F R O M T H E A P O L L O S PA C E P R O G R A M Julian Simioni @juliansimioni
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  6. T E S T I N G • unit tests

    prove your code
 • integration tests prove your communication
 • test off-nominal cases
  7. T E A M S

  8. W O R K I N G W I T

 U S E R S 

  9. W O R K I N G W I T

 U S E R S 
 A S T R O N A U T S
  10. None
  11. J U L I A N S I M I

    O N I @ J U L I A N S I M I O N I 
 H T T P : / / J U L I A N S I M I O N I . C O M
  12. R E S O U R C E S •

    Digital Apollo by David Mindell ie=UTF8&qid=1395287844&sr=8-1&keywords=digital+apollo • Journey To The Moon by Eldon Hall ie=UTF8&qid=1395287869&sr=8-1&keywords=eldon+hall • Moonjs Apollo Guidance Computer Simulator • Caltech History of Recent Science & Technology AGC Conferences • Tales from the Lunar Module Guidance Computer by Don Eyles • MIT’s Role in Project Apollo Volume V: The Software Effort technology-and-society/sts-471j-engineering-apollo-the-moon-project-as-a-complex-system- spring-2007/readings/1_4_9_mit_role.pdf
  13. P H O T O C R E D I

    T S • Earthrise • Apollo 17 on the launch pad File:Apollo_17_The_Last_Moon_Shot_Edit1.jpg • Apollo Guidance Computer • Apollo 11 Lunar Module in Lunar orbit File:Apollo_11_Lunar_Module_Eagle_in_landing_configuration_in_lunar_orbit_from_the_Comma nd_and_Service_Module_Columbia.jpg • F-1 engine testing at Edwards AFB • Mission control after successful Apollo 13 splashdown File:Mission_Control_celebrates_successful_splashdown_of_Apollo_13.jpg • Apollo 1 crew during water egress training File:Apollo_1_crew_during_water_egress_training,_June_1966.jpg • AGC display and keyboard perspective/