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TheLeadDeveloper - Building happier engineering teams

TheLeadDeveloper - Building happier engineering teams

Oren Ellenbogen

September 16, 2015

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  1. @ “No  were harmed in the making of this

    talk” – said no one, ever. Until now.
  2. Head of Engineering @ Forter I write at Lnbogen.com I

    tweet @orenellenbogen + Oren Ellenbogen
  3. • Amazing mission statement organize the world’s information and make

    it universally accessible and useful • Hard to iterate fast (process heavy) • Incredible technology MapReduce, Google FS etc.
  4. • Awesome mission statement make the world more open and

    connected • Fast iterations, small teams • Great technology (+ leftovers) PHP – I’m looking at you!
  5. • Some lame mission statement print money, and that’s pretty

    much it. • Fast iterations, small teams • Great technology, incredible scale!
  6. Explicitly hire for: People who can prioritize & get things

    done on their own They focus on autonomy
  7. Changing code -> … -> something breaks -> lack of

    trust -> slower cycle (process++) -> new department of [trust issue] -> still breaks … -> death (of happiness)
  8. Changing code -> … -> something breaks -> quick release

    + retrospect -> automate/test stuff -> still breaks -> quick release + retrospect -> automate/test stuff -> …
  9. The last person to join the company is responsible to

    create a “starter kit” for the next one to join
  10. “ One day I will work for a company that

    does something like this. ”
  11. Junior Engineers Practice, practice, practice Experienced Engineers Practice, lead, build

    organizational trust Veteran Engineers Become an expert or pivot (+mentor as a Bar Raiser)