Hyper-growth Humans: How to Find Growth Materials & Learn x2 Faster

Hyper-growth Humans: How to Find Growth Materials & Learn x2 Faster

I've shared more than 2,000 posts on SoftwareLeadWeekly.com in the past 5+ years. To share these posts, I had to read almost 14,000 posts during that time, which includes blog posts, videos, books and interviews (podcasts).

I want to share some of my lessons learned about:
* Which kind of "Growth Material" you should focus on to become a better software engineer / manager / product manager / QA etc?
* Where and how to find great content (good signal vs. noise ratio)?
* How to consume content x2 faster and retain more knowledge from it?

Are you're seeking for ways to up your game? If so, you'll enjoy this talk.

About Oren:
I'm a lucky man, working on things that are also my hobbies. Currently serving a great team of engineers as the VP Engineering at Forter. Also, the geek behind softwareleadweekly.com, leadingsnowflakes.com and managerreadme.com


Oren Ellenbogen

July 05, 2018