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Freedom 'Riters: Stations Activity

Freedom 'Riters: Stations Activity

John Dolan's story


Spiro Bolos

April 07, 2022

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  1. FREEDOM ‘RITERS: John Dolan’s Story


  3. November 25th, 1955: ICC had banned racial segregation on interstate

    buses, train lines, and in waiting rooms, but not intrastate. 1961
  4. CORE letter to White House: Gallup Poll: Freedom Rides to

    Jackson, Mississippi: Letter to John Dolan: Arrest of John Dolan (MS): ICC bans discrimination again: Scheduled release from prison: April 26, 1961 May, 1961 May-November, 1961 June 12, 1961 June 25, 1961 September 22, 1961 January 2, 1962
  5. STATION 1 STATION 2 STATION 3 CORE Letter Envelope Gallup

    Poll STATION 4 STATION 5 STATION 6 Arrest Report CORE-lator CORE-lator:STL
  6. None
  7. None
  8. None
  9. Gallup Poll (AIPO) [May, 1961] “Do you approve or disapprove

    of what the ‘Freedom Riders’ are doing?” 22% Approve 61% Disapprove 18% No opinion
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  11. None
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  13. CORE-LATOR: 10/61

  14. None
  15. CORE-LATOR: 10/61

  16. None
  17. None
  18. Postmarked: 6/19/61

  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. Type a one-page (minimum) response to John Luther Dolan’s father

    as if you were that Freedom Rider. Make sure you date your letter, “January 2nd, 1962”, the day his jail sentence ended.
  23. None
  24. January 2, 1962 Father, After reading what you have to

    say about me and the path that I have chosen for myself I must say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for you. I am sorry that you are unable to sleep for what you believe to be as foolishness. I’m sorry that you feel I am insane, but I feel that [you’re] the insane one.
  25. As a doctor, you should be wanting to heal people

    not only their health but their humanity. I feel that you have failed as a doctor....I hope that one day you come to your senses and realize that the world is changing with or without your consent. And people like me will do what’s right to make sure it changes the right way.... (by Mekah B.)
  26. January 2, 1962 Father, Before anything else, thank you for

    letting me know you’ve kept my things. Just the thought of you looking after my drums gives me the hope that one day we’ll play together like we used to. One day, Father, when all this comes to an end. One day, your son will return to you.
  27. But there is so much more left to do. So

    much more. I have been thinking about your letter for the past weeks, probably because it’s the last thing I had in my hands before I boarded Greyhound. Frank, my friend whom I hope you still remember, had his mother’s kiss as a farewell. I, your letter.
  28. When you heard we’ve been jailed, I know what you

    must have been thinking — that you were right from the beginning. That this was all a product of my insanity. That your son has lost his mind. But Father, who would have thought that six weeks in jail would only make me feel more empowered and needed than ever?
  29. I am sorry, Father, for making you feel that way.

    But I am not sorry for my decisions. If my actions today close a lot of doors for me, it is enough for me that my little actions may have opened doors for other people in exchange.... (by April D.)
  30. John Luther Dolan: Oral History 11/10/2001

  31. John Luther Dolan: Oral History 11/10/2001


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