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React: How to JavaScript Hipster

React: How to JavaScript Hipster

The goal of this presentation is to give the audience an overview of all the concepts they will need to know to become a React hipster. TL;DR Tell me what I will need to google later.

Matthew Osborn

April 06, 2018

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  1. LAB

  2. Contract Class • Start Date • Name • Contact Person

    Class • First Name • Last Name • Full Name “App” • List of Contracts • List of Active Contracts • Contracts by Contact
  3. Atomic Design “…is methodology for creating design systems. There are

    five distinct levels in atomic design” - Brad Frost
  4. JSX

  5. LAB

  6. • Use objects from lab 1 • Display a list

    of contracts • Show the contact • Show Start Date
  7. LAB

  8. LAB

  9. “GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime

    for fulfilling those queries with your existing data … gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more...”