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Conceptual art basic

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November 21, 2011

Conceptual art basic


Oursky Limited

November 21, 2011


  1. •conceptual art Monday, 21 November, 11

  2. • The assault on ‘Culture’ • Critique of Everyday Life,

    Dada’s legacy, CoBrA, Situationism, Gutai,, Fluxus and Happenings. • (Interlude: The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel De Certeau.) • Art as Idea • Yves Klein, Pier Manzoni and Robert Rauschenberg. • Idea as Art: Conceptual Art and beyond... • Sol Lewitt, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, Art & Language, Words, Victor Burgin and Mary Kelly. Monday, 21 November, 11
  3. • Questioning the Value of Art Monday, 21 November, 11

  4. “The true critique of everyday life will have as its

    prime object the separation between the human (real and possible) and bourgeois decadence, and will imply a rehabilitation of everyday life” (p.127) Monday, 21 November, 11
  5. Have the expressionists fulfilled our expectations of an art that

    burns the essence of life into our flesh? No! No! No! Life appears as a simultaneous muddle of noises, colours and spiRITUAL rhythms, which is taken unmODifieD into Dadaist art, with ALL THE sensational sCREAMs and fevers of its reckless everyday psyche and with all its brutal reality. Monday, 21 November, 11
  6. “The name of ‘artist’ is an insult. The denomination ‘art’

    demolishes equality between men” (Heartfield and Grosz in Godfrey 1998, p. 48) to be an artist only by accident Monday, 21 November, 11
  7. Monday, 21 November, 11

  8. Asger Jorn (1959) Le Canard Inquietant Monday, 21 November, 11

  9. Jorgen Nash (1972) Decaptitated Little Mermaid Monday, 21 November, 11

  10. Dérive (drift) Monday, 21 November, 11

  11. Saburu Murakami (1956) Sadamasa Motonaga Monday, 21 November, 11

  12. Shigeko Kubota (1965) Vagina Painting. Performed in New York. Bandaged

    Orchestra during the Fluxus Festival arranged by Yoko Ono at Carnegie Recital Hall, New York (1965). George Brecht Re-enactment. Monday, 21 November, 11
  13. Detail of a poster for Fluids (with score), Allan Remake

    in 2008 by the LA Art Girls, Museum of contemporary art Los Monday, 21 November, 11
  14. • “The Happenings are the one art activity that can

    escape inevitable death-by-publicity to which all other art is condemned, because, designed for a brief life, they can never be overexposed; they are dead, quite literally, every time they happen.”(Kaprow [1966] 2003, p.59) Monday, 21 November, 11
  15. • Art as Idea Monday, 21 November, 11

  16. [Detail] from a Single Day Newspaper [spoof] (1960). The caption

    read “The Painter of space Hurl Himself into the Void”. Monday, 21 November, 11
  17. Artist’s Shit (1961) Base of the World (1961) Monday, 21

    November, 11
  18. Erased De Kooning (1953) Monday, 21 November, 11

  19. • Art as Idea: Conceptual Art and beyond... Monday, 21

    November, 11
  20. 142, Metropolotan Museum of Art “When an artist uses a

    conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that make the art.” (Le Witt [1967] 2003, p. 846) “The idea itself, even if not made visual is as much a work of art as any finished product” (Ibid. 848) Monday, 21 November, 11
  21. Date paintings begun in January 1966. Monday, 21 November, 11

  22. Titled (Art as Idea as Idea) (1967) Monday, 21 November,

  23. One and Three Chairs (1965) Monday, 21 November, 11

  24. Index 01, Documenta 5, Kassel 1972 Monday, 21 November, 11

  25. Possession (1976) “By 1973 Victor Burgin had come to see

    ‘pure’ Conceptual art as the last gasp of formalism.” (Godfrey 1998, p.255) He was more interested in the way conceptual art had opened up new ways of questioning the ideologies underlying representation. Monday, 21 November, 11
  26. Mary Kelly, Post-Partum Document: Documentation IV: Transmitional Objects, Diary and

    Diagram, mixed media, 1976 Mary Kelly, Post-Partum Document: Documentation VI: Prewriting Alphabet Exerque & Diary, mixed media, 1976-1977 Monday, 21 November, 11
  27. Monday, 21 November, 11

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