A developer's guide to rendering performance

E890a763587331f62cf2c39d38137b30?s=47 Paul Lewis
October 10, 2013

A developer's guide to rendering performance

Note: These slides will make more sense when you can watch the video and see everything moving. As soon as Fronteers publish it I'll include it.


When we look back over the history of web performance we see a heavy focus on reducing the number of requests and getting files to the browser quickly. Our platform has changed a lot, and while optimizing for network performance remains a crucial part of our jobs, we now have to broaden our performance horizons. Our users also expect smooth scrolling, animations and interactions, even on mobile devices. In short we need to deal with not just how quickly our sites and apps load, but also how quickly they run.

In this session we are going to take a lightning tour of how Chrome converts the DOM into pixels, see how our code affects its workload, and arrive at a modern workflow for finding (and eliminating) rendering bottlenecks.


Paul Lewis

October 10, 2013