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Superior service-based web apps with Brunch and Chaplin

D342e4ef045c54a6a6f41d070d8a0406?s=47 paulmillr
November 18, 2012

Superior service-based web apps with Brunch and Chaplin

A tale on building cool web services with http://brunch.io and http://chaplinjs.org



November 18, 2012


  1. Superior service-based web apps with Brunch and Chaplin

  2. @paulmillr

  3. It’s 2012, after all Service-based web apps Why?

  4. Maintability Service-based web apps Can develop both of them in

    parallel Frontend decoupled from backend
  5. Speed & costs Service-based web apps Server costs decreased by

    a factor of 10+ Super fast & responsive feel
  6. Dogfooding! Both parts become easier to maintain Service-based web apps

  7. Open-source Can open-source front freely (in some types of apps)

    Service-based web apps
  8. Open-source Increases company reputation Good API usage exampleCloud. app itHub

    Service-based web apps
  9. Problems Service-based web apps Live reload Compiling LESS / Stylus

    / SASS
  10. Problems Service-based web apps Modules Compiling Coffee / Type /

    Live scripts
  11. Problems Service-based web apps Linting Templates Scaffolding Testing

  12. Solutions Service-based web apps Some DOM lib a-la jQuery? Some

    DOM lib a-la jQuery? Nope! Too unmaintainable.
  13. We need Service-based web apps Generator Builder Tester Scaffolder

  14. Brunch brunch.io

  15. Brunch 6 commands new build watch generate destroy test

  16. Structure (app)

  17. Deployal Optimization with simple flag brunch build --minify

  18. Brunch 1.5 component(1) support source maps

  19. Brunch Alternatives CodeKit LiveReload Yeoman (grunt)

  20. Chaplin chaplinjs.org

  21. Chaplin Why backbone? Super lightweight & simple The most popular

  22. Chaplin Backbone.js has problems Unusable as an app architecture

  23. Chaplin Chaplin solutions Memory management Forced modularity Rails routes Mediator

    (global events management) Collection View Layout Controllers (MVP “presenters”)
  24. Chaplin Alternatives Aura: sort of different Marionette: sort of similar

  25. Chaplin v1.0 coming soon

  26. Paul Miller paulmillr.com @paulmillr