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PeaceReminder.com - Raltionship Booster

PeaceReminder.com - Raltionship Booster

Peacereminder is the tool that any man or woman in a relationship for some time, dreams about!

Anne Benissan

January 23, 2013

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  1. What  is  peacereminder.com?   The  website  for  healthy  relationships  

      By  Anne  Benissan   http://www.peacereminder.com/
  2. www.peacereminder.com 2     Loving  relationship  tool  to  improve  your

     life:   Peacereminder.com       Why  is  it  there?     Peacereminder  answers  an  urgent  need.       When   two   friends   couples   decided   to   separate,   for   one,   it   was   clear   that   this   marriage   could   have   been   saved.   If,   and   only   if,   the   man   in   this   relationship   had   known  what  truly  matters  for  her,  frustration  would  not  have  built  up  the  way  it  did.     Observation   and   extensive   reading   confirmed   that   most   men   are   misled   by   preconceived  ideas  about  what  would  please  their  wife.  Some  think  that  financial   wellbeing  is  by  far  what  matters  most.  Others  believe  that  presents  and  gifts  can   make  up  with  anything.  In  fact,  women  are  far  more  complex  than  that:  what  they   want  is  to  feel  special.     For   other   women,   women’s   needs   are   pretty   clear.   It   just   takes   to   listen   to   our   friends  to  know  what  is  missing.  We  wrongly  presume  that  if  men  listened  as  closely   as  we  do,  they  would  also  know.     Nothing   could   be   further   from   the   truth.   Men   love   to   listen   to   straightforward   messages  that  take  them  somewhere,  and  a  woman’s  talk,  especially  when  it  comes   to  talk  about  herself,  is  everything  but  straight  forward.  As  a  result,  he  loses  track,   and  he  still  does  not  know  what  he  should  be  doing  at  the  end  of  the  conversation.     Not  knowing  what  to  do,  he  starts  a  trial  and  error  process  that  becomes  quickly   hazardous.     What   if   someone   told   him   what   he   should   be   doing   to   feel   successful   in   his   relationship?     It  would  take  the  ultimate  version  of  a  personal  assistant  to  do  that  efficiently.     Efficiency   is   key   because   nobody   has   time   to   waste   and   lose.   Time   is   precious.     Therefore  it  should  be  valued.        
  3. www.peacereminder.com 3 Peacereminder  values  everybody’s  time.  Peacereminder  is  there  to

     help  any  long-­‐ term  couple.  And  most  importantly,  Peacereminder  is  there  for  him,  the  man  in  a   long-­‐term  relationship,  so  he  feels  empowered  and  successful  in  his  relationship.         How  does  it  work?     You   must   sign   up   and   provide   your   partner’s   name   and   email,   so   he   or   she   gets   invited  to  join.     Although  Peacereminder  is  a  site  conceived  for  men,  it  deals  with  their  most   important  relationship,  so  the  partner’s  participation  is  critical.     Then   you   and   your   partner   get   to   fill   each   a   questionnaire   that   will   give   us   the   opportunity  to  customize  our  service.     Within  your  questionnaire,  Ladies,  you  are  asked  to  provide  the  name  and  email  of   your  close  friends.  The  reason  why  we  need  to  bring  in  the  loop  somebody  you  love   and  trust  is  that  we  want  to  keep  some  mystery  for  you.  So  you  don’t  necessarily   know  what  your  husband  will  choose  for  your  next  birthday.  That  special  someone   you  will  select,  will  not  be  able  to  see  anything  else  than  her/his  own  wall.       Your  intimate  life  therefore  stays  private.  He  or  she  will  be  able  to  suggest  items   or  ideas  that  would  truly  matter  or  please  you.     Once  your  questionnaire  is  filled  Gentlemen,  all  you  need  to  do  is  wait  and  think   about  who  you  can  invite  in  her  circle.  It  might  be  the  right  place  to  get  your  mother   in-­‐law’s  insights.  She  will  post  suggestions  that  you  can  follow  without  even  talking   to  her!     Two  services  will  then  be  provided  to  you,  Gentlemen.     • First,  a  simple  and  gentle  stream  of  advice  targeted  to  your  situation  will   start  within  a  few  days.  Don’t  worry  it  won’t  be  overwhelming  and  you  will   be  amazed  by  the  simplicity  of  what  is  suggested.  Trust  me  the  smile  on  your   wife’s  face  will  say  it  all.     • Second,  you  will  soon  have  at  hand  the  most  amazing  digital  storage  of   gifts  ideas  for  your  wife.  Not  only  you  can  check  her  Wish  list  that  she  fills   after  she  is  done  with  her  own  questionnaire,  but  you  can  also  check  what   her  Friends  and  her  Circle  suggest  for  you  to  do.     Her   Wish   List   is   well   organized,   so   it   is   easy   for   you   to   find   something   for   any   occasion.  Ultimately  you  decide.  
  4. www.peacereminder.com 4   To  make  things  even  easier  for  you,

     your  team  will  provide  you  with  a  link  next  to   the  item  whenever  it  is  possible:  when  you  are  ready,  all  you  need  to  do  is  click  on   the  link  to  get  the  item.     In  less  than  10mn  you  secure  her  next  birthday  gift  knowing  that  she  will  love   it!     A  team  of  loving  people  will  work  to  help  you  in  your  relationship.  Only  you  and   your  wife  select  this  team.  So  remember  that  there  won’t  be  any  suggestions  on  her   Circle  page  if  you  have  not  invited  someone  to  join  her  Circle.     Now  relax,  Peacereminder  will  remind  you  every  important  event  in  due  time.  With   Peacereminder  whatever  you  do  for  her  will  be  appreciated.     Efficiency   and   pragmatism   have   been   the   guidelines   of   the   coaching   service.   You   won’t  get  any  lecture  of  any  kind.  All  you  will  get  is  practical  advice  that  will  make   your  life  easier.       How  can  you  use  it?       Peacereminder  is  a  tool  that  helps  your  couple,  nothing  more  and  nothing  less.     It  is  not  a  sign  of  failure  of  a  relationship.  In  fact,  it  is  the  opposite.       We  all  know  how  life  is  busily  overwhelming.  Our  time  is  limited.  When  we  have   children,  our  schedules  revolve  more  or  less  around  them,  it  is  very  easy  to  overlook   our  relationship.     However,  if  we  do  so,  our  partner  becomes  one  more  thing  to  deal  with.  And  when   the  cup  is  full,  instead  of  being  the  support  that  partner  could  be,  the  relationship   becomes  a  burden.     Peacereminder   is   the   help,   the   assistant   that   makes   nurturing   your   relationship  easy.     Imagine  one  second  what  your  life  could  be  without  technology.  Imagine  for  one  day   a  world  without  electricity.  The  number  of  things  you  could  accomplish  in  one  day   would   substantially   drop.   Many   could   not   even   work   anymore.   Communication   would  then  be  limited  to  your  neighbors,  your  community  in  strict-­‐sense.  Dive  into   Jane   Austen’s   novels   and   picture   your   daily   life.   Personally   I   love   Jane   Austen’s   novels,  and  some  days  I  would  love  to  slow  the  pace  completely.  But  I  would  never   want  to  live  in  another  time  than  the  one  we  live.  
  5. www.peacereminder.com 5   Technology   is   fabulous.   It

      gives   us   so   many   opportunities   to   optimize   our   lives,   perform  a  task  more  efficiently,  and  save  time.     The  fact  that  we  are  overwhelmed  has  nothing  to  do  with  technology;  it  has  to  do   with  our  inability  to  be  in  control  of  our  lives,  our  inability  to  say  no.     Peacereminder  is  empowering  you,  giving  you  additional  time  for  what  truly   matters.  On  peacereminder,  you  are  in  charge  and  in  control.     Is  it  primarily  for  men  because  they  are  unable  to  be  nurturing  their  relationship   spontaneously?  Certainly  not!     It   is   for   men   because   men’s   priorities   are   elsewhere.   Men   are   focused   on   providing,  on  securing  the  situation  for  their  family.     The  rest  is  a  bonus:  and  whoever  gets  their  attention  first  is  the  winner.  When  you   have  children,  you  understand  clearly  why  the  wife  comes  last.     In  addition,  this  wife  is  perceived  as  complicated  because  unlike  a  dog,  she  is  not   happy   when   her   husband   jumps   on   her   without   notice,   and   expects   affection   in   return.  As  time  goes  they  lose  connection.  And  unless  things  become  really  serious,   meaning  she  is  begging  for  counseling,  they  don’t  bother  anymore.     So  why  not  use  technology  to  change  the  path  of  that  slippery  road?  Why  not   combining   the   best   relationship   techniques   on   the   market   to   give   him   hands   on   advices  that  will  show  him  that,  in  fact,  it  is  simple  to  please  his  wife?     He  can  put  reminders  in  his  phone  about  next  celebration.  He  wants  to  do  it,  but  he   forgets.   Let   PeaceReminder   remember   for   him.   Let   Peacereminder   be   this   personal  assistant  that  will  boost  his  relationship  in  the  long  run.     So  he  can  focus  on  what  matters  to  him  and  yet  feel  successful  with  his  wife.  Don’t   you  want  that  too  Ladies?  Not  only  he  will  not  forget  your  next  anniversary  but  also   he  will  bring  or  do  what  makes  you  thrive.       Worried  about  your  privacy?  Please  don’t!     Rest  assured  that  privacy  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  the  whole  concept.     Technology  is  not  always  an  exhibition  of  your  private  life.  And  in  my  opinion,  it  will   be  less  likely  to  be  so  in  the  future.      
  6. www.peacereminder.com 6   Peacereminder  deals  with  your  private  life,  with

     your  intimate  relationship.  It  must   stay  private.     We  ask  your  couple  to  bring  other  people  in  the  loop  so  he  gets  more  choices   and  the  opportunity  to  surprise  her.     Please  know  that  everything  is  partitioned  though.     The   Friends   you   will   choose,   Ladies,   will   never   see   anything   else   than   the   wall   where  they  can  post  their  suggestions.     Similarly,  the  Circle  you  will  choose,  Gentlemen,  will  never  have  access  to  anything   else  than  their  own  wall.  They  do  not  know  who  the  Friends  are  and  what  they  post.     The  only  person  who  sees  her  Wish  List  is  the  male  partner:  he  is  the  only  one   who  sees  all  three  walls.     I  have  never  put  anything  of  my  private  life  including  pictures  of  my  children  on  any   social  network.  My  husband  and  I  registered  on  Peacereminder  because  we  know   our  data  is  safe  and  private.  I  know  that  my  friends  do  not  see  my  Wish  List.  I  do  not   know  who  belongs  to  my  Circle  because  my  husband  selected  whoever  is  in  there.     All  I  know  is  that  on  Peacereminder,  on  my  account,  people  whom  I  trust  and  love   care  for  me:    I  love  the  fact  that  my  husband  wants  to  make  sure  I  feel  his  love.     I  feel  special.  He  feels  successful.  We  deeply  love  each  other  despite  the  little  time   we  have  everyday  to  take  care  of  each  other.  We  both  know  that  we  care.     Peacereminder  will  not  solve  big  issues  you  might  have  in  your  relationship.  It  will   restore   or   improve   the   communication   so   even   if   you   don’t   speak   the   same   language,   you   can   understand   each   other.   It   will   make   any   interaction   with   your   spouse  easier.     Your  long-­‐term  relationship  needs  nurturing.  Let  Peacereminder  help  you  do  that,   so  it  is  simple  and  fun.     Try  it  now!       http://www.peacereminder.com/