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The Future of WordPress is Gutenberg

The Future of WordPress is Gutenberg

WordPress has been around for 15 years. Over 30% of sites use it, and that figure continues to climb. We’re here for the long term, so we need to plan for the long term: Gutenberg has been built as the base for the next 15 years of WordPress.

What you see in the block editor is the first practical application of what’s going on underneath: a modern design process, an extensible technical architecture, and a forward-thinking foundation to build our future upon.

Let’s take a look at all of the projects going on around Gutenberg, we’ll see where they’re at, how they fit together, and how you’ll be able to use them to build your next-level WordPress experiences in the coming years.


Gary Pendergast

December 07, 2018


  1. The Future of WordPress is Gutenberg Gary Pendergast : @GaryPendergast

    : pento.net
  2. Everything is an iteration

  3. Post Formats

  4. Embeds

  5. Front End Editing

  6. Shortcake

  7. zeditor

  8. Calypso Editor

  9. Gutenberg

  10. XML - RPC

  11. REST API

  12. 50 Shades of WordPress

  13. Pattern library

  14. Pattern library

  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
  20. Design systems

  21. What is Design?

  22. https://developer.apple.com/design/ https://material.io/

  23. None
  24. Everything is an iteration

  25. The Gutenberg APIs

  26. The WordPress Element

  27. Components

  28. Editor Components

  29. The Post Editor

  30. The Block

  31. The Design System

  32. Abstraction is Good* *in moderation

  33. None
  34. None
  35. gave.barnekreftforeningen.no

  36. gave.barnekreftforeningen.no

  37. gave.barnekreftforeningen.no

  38. None
  39. Pragmatic FX Digital

  40. Platform Agnostic

  41. Development Tools

  42. None
  43. UI over Content

  44. Price

  45. Windows-only

  46. Development Tools

  47. https://github.com/pento/testpress/

  48. Learning from the Past

  49. Looking to the Future

  50. Everything is an iteration

  51. The Future of WordPress is Gutenberg Gary Pendergast : @GaryPendergast

    : pento.net