Devox UK 2013 - AngularJS

Devox UK 2013 - AngularJS

Introduction to AngularJS


Pete Bacon Darwin

March 29, 2013


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    3 Peter Bacon Darwin Computer Programmer / House Dad ▪

    Freelance Developer ▪ Formerly .NET Specialist ▪ Now into Open Source ▪ AngularJS ▪ Committer on AngularJS project ▪ Founder Member of Angular-UI ▪ Look after my kids, Lily and Zachary
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    JavaScript Frameworks There are plenty out there: Agreement No Progressive

    Enhancement MV … Whatever Data Binding Disagreement Backend Integration Binding Updates HTML vs JavaScript Views
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    The Real Problem - Browsers Designed to: Display Static Documents

    Navigate Hyperlinks Be Stateless Need: Model Driven Views More Powerful Widgets State Management Getting There… Object.Observe() Web Components History.pushState()
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    A Different Approach… … what HTML would have been had

    it been designed for applications. … a Polyfill until Browsers catch up! HTML enhanced for web apps!
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    AngularJS – Core Features Unobtrusive Data Binding Just POJOs and

    dirty checking HTML (DOM) Templates Use tools you know Reusable Components Extend the HTML syntax Dependency Injection Think Spring Framework Unit Testing Built-in First Class Citizens Useful Services $http, $q, $timeout
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    Angular-UI Project  Directives and Filters Date Picker, Key Press

    Events, Masked Input, Google Maps Highlight Text, Unique Array Filter, String Formatting  Bootstrap Widgets Accordion, Alert, Buttons, Carousel, Dialogs Dropdowns, Pagination, Tabs, Tooltips, TypeAhead  Data Grid Full featured grid widget  Router State based routing with nested views
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