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WordPress is growing globally. Are you?

WordPress is growing globally. Are you?

WordPress is growing every day – from 18% of the web in 2013 to 23% in 2014. In 2014, with the release of WordPress 4.0, international downloads surpassed English downloads for the first time.

Some of the largest portions of non English downloads come from countries where English is not an option at all. For software creators this means that if your product is not localized, it’s not going to be used at all.

This talk clarifies the terms internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n) and explains the benefits of writing translation-ready plugins and themes. It also provides advice for small business owners, plugin and theme developers on how to grow their international community and create their product evangelists outside of the English speaking world, which can exponentially lead to product growth alongside the core project.


Petya Raykovska

April 11, 2015


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  3. Part 1: WordPress & Languages Part 2: i18n & L10n

    Part 3: grow like wordpress
  4. Part 1: WordPress & Languages

  5. 2003 Created 17.4% 21.0% 2011 WordPress is growing 13.1% 15.8%

    2012 2013 2014 now 23.7%
  6. top languages in the world Chinese Spanish English Arabic Hindi

    Portueguese Bengali Russian
  7. WordPress speaks more than 100 languages  

  8. top Wordpress languages Chinese Spanish English Arabic German Portueguese Japanese

  9. The 145+ Locales 4000+ translators 300+ Translation Editors polyglots

  10. WordPress 4.0 (2014) Non English downloads surpassed English downloads ENGLISH

    > 6,538,463 7,196,847
  11. 6,496,334 2,912,037 451,315 WordPress 4.0 - 13,743,063 downloads Japanese English

  12. i18n & L10n

  13. Software l10n Translating Localization Front&Backend i18n creating Internationalization Translatable Software

  14. i18n translatable Internationalization making https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/ internationalization/ https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/ internationalization/localization/

  15. l10n Translating Localization http://translate.wordpress.org http://make.wordpress.org/ polyglots/teams

  16. important plugins WordPress Admin bbPress wordpress.org local WordPress buddyPress wordpress

    themes WP mobile apps translate.wordpress.org
  17. Part 3: grow like wordpress

  18. choose language on install search for themes in your language

    search for plugins in your language WordPress WordPress, i18n & the future Plugins Themes
  19. Translate all the things! Themes WordPress Plugins translate.wordpress.org

  20. Grow like wp: Case Studies

  21. 28+ languages volunteers Case studies GlotPress Installs: 1+ million Custom

    plugin active recruiting Free license translate.yoast.com Uses:
  22. 17 + languages volunteers Installs: 200,000+ Transifex Case studies www.transifex.com/projects/p/mailchimp-for-wordpress/

    Uses: Free licenses active recruiting
  23. 45 + languages volunteers tools: transifex Case studies Installs: 1+

    million www.transifex.com/projects/p/woocommerce/ active recruiting
  24. Get started: i18n

  25. Theme Handbook Plugin Handbook developer.wordpress.org/ plugins/ internationalization/ developer.wordpress.org/ themes/functionality/ internationalization/

  26. Free GlotPress Free poEdit from $19.99/m Transifex •Created for WordPress

    •Powers WordPress Translations Translation tools •Free app •Very well maintained •Ready to go solution •Web based •Excellent UI & tools
  27. Get started: L10n

  28. translate.wordpress.org resurrect a locale join a team create a team

  29. In local metopes and share your know-how with the community

    Speak Support Encourage Hire Local events at places where the most popular WordPress languages are spoken Contributors by offering them early access or licenses to your products Product evangelists and community organisers to spread the love and find translation editors for your products To grow globally…
  30. it’s all about the people

  31.   #wcVie @petyeah Thank you!