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Webhooks done right

Webhooks done right

Talking given at API Strategy & Practice Conference in Nashville in 2018

Thinking about a complete API strategy for your company could quickly become overwhelming. But you can divide and conquer. As starters, have you thought about your Webhook strategy? Wouldn't be easier to start by offering webhooks to your customers and after getting some usage data and do some research start planning your APIs?

Simply pinging your users when something happens seems like a no-brainer, right?
Thanks to webhooks you can quickly connect with other Saas applications and services, and it will even get you integrated with connectors like Zapier. But, what are the things you have to keep in mind when building a webhook strategy?

In this talk, we will go through recommendations to deliver the best Webhook experience inspired by services that are doing it right, both from a technical perspective and from a DX point of view how webhooks should be part of your overall API strategy.

Nicolas Grenié

September 26, 2018

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  1. Webhooks done right Nicolas Grenié Developer Advocate @ Typeform 26

    sept 2018 - API Strategy Nashville @picsoung @typeform
  2. Nicolas Grenié @picsoung @picsoung

  3. @picsoung

  4. @picsoung

  5. @picsoung

  6. Let’s go fishing @picsoung

  7. Spiders do it too @picsoung

  8. Let’s agree on something

  9. API Strategy: Start with webhook

  10. Thanks to webhook you can integrate with 1000+ services @picsoung

  11. What should happen on provider’s side? @picsoung

  12. #1 Test webhook event @picsoung

  13. #2 Let me inspect payload @picsoung

  14. #3 Events history @picsoung

  15. #4 Replay event @picsoung

  16. #5 Retries if failed to deliver @picsoung

  17. @picsoung #6 Notifications

  18. @picsoung #7 Sign webhook payload https://api.slack.com/docs/verifying-requests-from-slack

  19. @picsoung #8 Webhook API • Let me create/change Webhook via

    API • Add corresponding oAuth Scopes • Manage deliveries
  20. @picsoung #9 More than one webhook • Specialize each webhook

    • Build complex workflow • Enable more integration
  21. @picsoung #10 Many event types

  22. Will serverless functions Kill Webhooks?

  23. @picsoung Serverless is the future of webhooks

  24. Takeaways

  25. Takeaways Build Webhook first Dedicated DX effort Extend with native

  26. Questions? Nicolas Grenié (@picsoung) nicolas.grenie@typeform.com 26th Sept 2018 API Strategy

    Conference - Nashville, TN Images are from Unsplash https://unsplash.com/collections/3134634/apistrat-web hooks-done-right-slides Feedback? http://bit.ly/tf-apistrat